Jenny Anne Bishop.

I was asked to look at Bishop’s career / activism as part of my series on trans-activists who have key appointments in the civil service. You can see that series on this page.

“Trans”: Working behind the scenes

Jenny has had a long and illustrious career culminating in the award of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E). They have received commendations from Greater Manchester Police and claim to be very influential in the Welsh constabulary, where they now reside with their partner; a trans-identified male. They also advise Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Services (HMPPS) which includes participating in Transgender Case Boards, who make decisions that can result in a male being transferred to the female estate.


Jenny was previously in a long, heterosexual, marriage and fathered two children. In interviews, Bishop claimed they always knew they were “transgender” they were encouraged to repress their cross-dressing and enter a heterosexual marriage. In a now familiar story, they relate they describe how their wife agreed to accommodate their peccadillo providing it was restricted to attendance at “support” groups and a few weekend trips a year. Eventually they divorced and, in this article, Jenny reports that they are now estranged from their ex wife and two children.

Jenny aged 71

In this article we learn that ”Jenny” began by dressing in their mother’s clothes at an early age. This is one of the pictures, which I assume were supplied by the subject of the interview.

Bishop expresses their euphoria about their new life and is dismissive about the impact on their relationship with their children.

In Later articles Bishop adopts a more conciliatory tone and claims they hoped their children would have established contact after the award of an O.B.E. As always we don’t have the story of the ex-wife or the estranged children to balance out these accounts.

Trans-activist career.

Bishop has worked extensively with trans-lobby groups for decades. This account, via the LGBT Foundation gives a potted history spanning as far back as the 1970’s.

Potted history

As you can see they first joined the Beaumont society which originated as a group for male cross-dressers; who have now been brought under the ”trans” umbrella. Stephen Whittle was also based in Manchester and both are involved on the Christian scene. Below is a roll call for the many organisations Bishop is involved with; including Greater Manchester Police and the mysterious Westminster Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity.

Westminster Parliamentary Forum on GI.

I have come across reference to this group before but it seems difficult to get much information. The last chair would appear to be Baroness Gould, who was, perhaps, given this role when the Women’s National Commission was abolished during her tenure. I have found an FOI request to the House of Lords; requesting minutes, as far back as 2012. As you can see there was no accountability.

I did manage to locate a reference to WPF on GI on a website which has this to say and has links (now broken) to documents advising the NHS on Gender Identity issues. It seems likely that a Lobby group provided the secretarial support so I delved.

I managed to find an article by Trans activist Jane Fae. The article was from 2016 and it confirms that another trans-identified male was the secretary. Helen Belcher from the Trans Lobby Group, Trans Media Watch. Out source the records. A neat way to avoid any democratic accountability.

This 👆is an excerpt from Fae’s article published in Gay Star News in June 2016. Source below.

Helen Belcher

Helen Belcher was a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate.

In conclusion.

Bishop has been involved in various groups since the 1970’s. Many of the activism was in Manchester but, latterly, activities centre on Wales. There is a lot of public information and celebratory media coverage, about Bishop which you can find. They have fingers in many pies. North Wales Police and the Crown Prosecution Services where Bishop srutinises their work on Hate Crime. If Bishop is in charge of training is it any wonder that the CPS have been caught lying about the Law and substituting ”gender” for the legally protected characteristic of SEX?

Bishop is now married to another trans-identified male who has no intention of accessing the euphoria of the post-operative community. Jenny is open about their sex life but dishonestly claims they sex is sometimes Lesbian and sometimes heterosexual. Two males doth not a Lesbian couple make but the arrogance of re-defining others against their will smacks of male entitlement. Marginalised demographic? I don’t think so.

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