Steph Calvert. (Part One)

Steph Calvert is another person who is at a member of a:gender which is a Trans Activist group at the heart of the civil service.

There is quite a lot of information about Steph from public talks and their own novels. This interview, from 2019, is with the FDA which is a Union for managers in the public services. Steph works in border control.


At the time Calvert was vice-chair of a:gender. They make the usual claim that knew they were transgender or really female from a ludicrously early age (2 years old for Calvert). We know enough about child development to see this as retrospective continuity (retcon, for short); when the past is re-shaped to accommodate the present. This narrative is often deployed by adult males who claim to be “transwomen” ; perhaps to deflect from any suggestion of a sexual motive, for example autogynephilia. Steph also claims to be intersex though they fail to be specific about the nature of the chromosomal abnormality with which they are afflicted. This may also be retcon again because of the desire to believe, of have others believe, that they have a biological basis for wishing to be perceived as female or, indeed, there was a mix up and they are really female.
This is a clip from a talk “Steph” gave which I will cover in part two.

I have learned to be skeptical about these claims. There is no evidence that people with disorders of sexual development are over-represented at Gender Clinics which is why karyotype tests were abandoned. There is a condition which invariably afflicts late transitioning, heterosexual, males called autogynephilia (AGP); a sexual paraphilia in which a man is sexually aroused at the thought of himself as a woman. Calvert gives every indication that he falls under the AGP umbrella. If I was in any doubt about this then reading one of their novels, with a protagonist who is also border force patrol officer and “transgender girl”, lends credence to my speculation. This is the novel. Available electronically via amazon. I suspended my literary critic and, disbelief, and took one for the team.

This is a work of fiction but a few clips will give you an idea of what we are dealing with. The main protagonist is a Steve Jones who is preparing to come out as Stefanie on a camping trip. Like Steph he is a Rugby player, a cyclist and a Border Patrol Officer. On arrival at the campsite he is both recognised as a male but also recognised as a ”girl” (not a woman, a ”girl”) by the women, a 14 year old girl and a male love interest. The women take Steff to their bosem and the 14 year old girl, shares cuddles, giggles, and a tent!

Kelly insists on taking Steph to the female showers and toilets and, of course, they go in adjacent cubicles and giggle and gossip like we ”girls” do. Everyone sees the girl inside Steve!

The men share their dirty jokes with Steph when the womenfolk are not around. With the women there are shopping trips, make up tips and bra-shopping. Steff recounts the thrill at being called “miss” which turns mundane shopping trips into fantasy. Steph is even pleased when they are called a word that used to fall foul of the censors in post Hays code Hollywood. I am not sure what that second sentence means unless Steph gets a physiological response that would need to be concealed in a work setting.

{Side note: In George Cukor’s film, The Women, he used ”there’s a word for women like you but we don’t use it outside of a kennel“ . In the modern version Meg Ryan’s character says ”Oh you mean the perfume bitch”. Both films have an entirely female caste. Well worth digging them out}

The fantasy boyfriend is clearly a validation aid for giggling, girlish Steph. Geoff, the love interest, states that he is not gay and not interested in a she-male experience.

At work the lads put it their acceptance of Steve, as Stephanie, to a vote. (As if they are the final arbiters of what makes a woman!). They do so in blatantly sexist terms, which thrill Stephanie, naturally enough.

There is more of this from another co-worker 👇

There are so many red flags in the book. These are a sample but I will add more to a twitter thread.

Finally he gets some pushback in work from someone who sorts out separate toilets and changing facilities and seems a bit terfy:

Throughout the book and indeed in their public talks Stephanie recounts a huge amount of bullying and violent assaults. My sneaking suspicion is this is mainly fantasy. If you have ever seen the Rachael Divide, about Rachael Dolezal, who claimed to be black, she too had alleged racist abuse at levels which raised skepticism in the black community. He uses these claims to leverage victimhood, prey on female sympathy and force-team Women. It also frames women as perpetual victims, as if shared suffering qualifies him to claim a lived female experience. The next sentence shows his aggressive male entitlement and of course she caves. 👇

In fact we very soon find Steph crying in the female toilets with Sue, who welcomes him to ”gossip central”. Sigh. Boundary breaching begins at once.

As I have said before, we are not just inviting any men into women’s spaces these are men with a paraphilia. Their interest is in being sexually objectified as a woman, because they fervently believe that’s what being a woman is!

In my next piece I will focus on a talk Stephanie did for the Leeds based charity Touchstone. You will see his biography has many overlaps with the “fictional” Stephanie. He was invited by their CEO, who is now the Deputy Mayor for West Yorkshire. Thanks to her naïveté Stephanie got to perform his fetish for a captive audience. We are governed by idiots. 🤦‍♂️

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Researching Gender Identity ideology which has captured our political and media elite. This is a crisis for women’s rights, gay rights, child safeguarding and truth.


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