Steph Calvert. (Part Two)

Steph Calvert is another person who is at a member of a:gender which is a Trans Activist group at the heart of the civil service.

There is quite a lot of information about Steph from public talks and their own novels. This is my second piece on Steph Calvert. You can read Part One below: 👇

Steph Calvert. (Part One)

For this piece I watched a YouTube video where Steph had been invited to give a talk on leadership by the CEO of a Leeds based charity Touchstone. The CEO, Alison Lowe, has now moved on to become the Deputy Mayor of West Yorkshire. 😳

I was already aware of Alison Lowe from her twitter activity. This is a, rather rude, response she sent to Sex Matters, the organisation founded by Maya Forstater. Of course she has pronouns in her email footer.

She also sent a similarly terse, defamatory, response to the gay rights charity LGB Alliance.

You can see the letter from LGB Alliance in this twitter exchange.

LGB Alliance Letter to Alison Lowe

Stephe gives a Master Class on Leadership.

This was indeed the title of the talk but what was delivered barely touched on leadership. Calvert claimed to have written a talk but said he preferred to just speak off the cuff. What followed was a ramble about his ”transgender” journey and a potted biography which stretched credulity to its limits.

Steph Calvert : A Master Class

First of all his tale about realising he was ”trans” at age two when his baby brother was born. He could see they were, anatomically the same but he knew he was a girl. Anyone who knows about child development can see this for the retcon narrative it is. It serves to deflect any suggestion there is any sexual motive at play. Not content with one alibi we are also told he is intersex but no detail of his precise chromosomal abnormality is disclosed.

We then hear about his work with the civil service group a:gender where he reveals he is on the steering group. A:gender leads on ”trans” issues across the civil service and covers, he explains, binary trans people, non-binary, no gender, third gender or gender fluid. Steph is also the national lead, on Trans issues, for an organisation called Spectrum; which is, I assume Spectrum UK which is part of Pearsons who write educational materials for schools.

We learn that Steph was based in Singapore and came across the story of April Ashley, age 10. April Ashley was a trans-identified male who married into the peerage but the husband annulled the marriage leading to quite a famous court case which said a male could not be legally married to another male.

Following a return to England he recounts stories of being bullied every single day. It feels unkind to question this but this theme is repeated throughout his talk and it is of course unverifiable. He also recounts the second of three attempted suicides, by the time he reached puberty. The third suicide attempt came when he went to college and thought “I can be myself. That was a mistake, I was beaten up every day”.

Next Steph explains that he made a flight into hyper-masculinity which explains why he entered a very macho occupation as a border guard. This is presented as a common pathway for late-transitioning males; which it is for men who emerge with autogynephilia. So keen was Steph to fit in they even got married. This gives Calvert an excuse to talk about his relationships with women and sexual dysfunction which always emerged after the initial excitement of a new partner.

In the time for questions Steph makes a further claim after pointing out the evils of misgendering. I remember when males did not claim the word ”female“ much less that they have always been female.

The question and answer session is mainly off camera. At 32 minutes in Steph tells a blatant lie about “transgender” medicine for children. To be fair he is not the only one but this scientific ignorance should not be allowed to stand. What we know is that 98% continue onto cross-sex hormones, and there are many unknowns about the impact on brain maturation. We do know these children will be sterile and have no capacity to orgasm; this was admitted by Dr Marci Bowers who is a trans-identified male who was involved in Jazz Jenning’s surgery.

Bearing in mind the fantasy about sharing a tent with a 14 year old girl, in part one, I would suggest he should not be working with a charity for ”trans” children.

In this section (34 minutes in) Calvert takes aim at Dr Julia Long. He dismisses concerns that proto-gay kids are being medicalised in appropriately and is very angry at ”terfs”, especially Dr Long who is, quite rightly, uncompromising. Calvert even has the cheek to deny ”Speaking as a Lesbian” 🤔

At the end of the questions Alison Lowe asks Calvert to share a “hilarious” anecdote which gives Steph an opportunity to talk about using the women’s toilets. In this unbelievable scenario Steph seeks to make common cause with women who he assumes have all experienced getting their knickers tucked in their skirt. Steph goes one better and claims he literally forgot to pull his knickers up at all. Nope. Don’t believe you, if that happened it was no accident and it would be difficult not to notice. Cue raucous laughter and rapturous applause.

Alison Lowe is now the Deputy Mayor for West Yorkshire. Thanks to her naïveté Stephanie got to perform his fetish for a captive audience. We are governed by idiots. 🤦‍♂️

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