Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa 5

Final part on “trans” activism in Africa. This series was based on two reports from conferences held in Africa. One of the conferences was funded by the International Trans Fund who were given 3 million dollars to promote this ideology, by Arcus foundation. I covered this in part one. The rest of the series looks at a 2017 conference organised by trans activists and a pro-prostitution lobby group.

You can read the full conference report here:


For the final piece I just want to highlight some of the voices quoted in the report and draw attention to the commonalities with more “Western” styles of trans-activism and also where it diverges.

They are not quite so explicit about demanding access to single sex spaces as we have in the U.K. Many charities who work in the African context still advocate for the provision of toilet facilities because women forced to toilet outside are vulnerable to sexual assault. Thus you can see a kind of schizophrenia in International NGOs who try to reconcile the promotion of gender neutral facilities, in the west, with the opposite policies overseas. This was very clear to me on reading a report on addressing sexual assault in schools /Universities. A thread I did two years ago on a document produced by the United Nations (UN Women). I decided to blog on that document because it seemed to be written in an attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable and fits in well with this series. 👇

UN Women: Campus Safety

I would suggest that the trans lobby groups across Africa have similar aims to those in the U.K and North America but they don’t tackle it head on. This clip, for instance, is could be a reference to segregated spaces on the basis of sex but, given historic apartheid, they have plausible deniability.

Here the reference is to accessing “trans” spaces for those unable to access synthetic cross sex hormones. The reply from another activist makes it unlikely that “trans” people are excluding those unable to access these treatments, for two reasons. Firstly we are told, elsewhere in the report, about the low numbers of ”trans” people able to access hormones/surgeries and, secondly, many activists are arguing against it being a condition for “transition”. This leads me to conclude that the spaces the males wish to access are female spaces. Nevertheless, it suggests that activists were not yet confident enough, in 2018, to be forthright about this.

Ricky sounds the most like a U.K. trans activist and continues in this vein making it clear that whether, or not, to take medical treatment should be a personal choice.

👇Make men’s spaces unsex and stay out of women’s, single sex spaces Ricky.


There is no definitive statement about the sex of Patience but I am going to take a wild stab in the dark that Patience is male and his radical feminism bears no resemblance to radical feminism.

Chan rejects radical feminism, particularly the African version. 👇 He describes himself as a ”transfeminist” and equality for all which, as we know, is not any kind of feminist because it does not centre actual women.


I just want to add a couple of points about an undercurrent of resentment to homosexuals. More than one participant laments the lack of understanding of ”trans” as opposed to the gay male /lesbian community. Ricki complains of a lack of acceptance from within the community.

I read this as a suggestion to decouple the trans agenda from sexual orientation to avoid the stigma from the association with the gay community.

Another participant seems to think gaining rights for homosexuals is not the biggest fight facing the LGBTI + community. They also lament restrictions on accessing foreign funding.

Online Health care.

Another think they have in common with the UK is the reckless prescribing by virtual gender clinics. Here is an Ethiopian attendee describing the process 👇.

In conclusion

African trans activists seem reluctant to directly make a demand to be in single sex spaces. I am sensing an undercurrent of resentment to the LGB now that they have successfully inserted themselves into a gay rights movement. Since we know many detransitioners realise they were dealing with internalised homophobia this seems a reasonable way to interpret the quotes from Ricki.
Given the comment about restricted access to foreign funds I think a useful line of enquiry would be to keep an eye on conditions attached to foreign aid, especially from the European Union. Western governments could also drive this agenda by attaching conditions to trade agreements.

The role of Charitable foundations is a key feature driving the spread of gender identity ideology but we can’t ignore the role of corporations as one, South African, attendee noted 👇. Many of these corporations are driving the spread of Gender Identity Ideology via the World Economic Forum.

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Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa: 4


We have looked at the tactics of Trans Activist groups in Africa and found common strategies across the different countries. The harnessing of the media to portray the ”trans” community and the commodification of sex, in a positive light. As in the U.K some groups are directly training the journalists, which they call ”sensitisation” to avoid using anything suggestive of indoctrination. Similar tactics are deployed in respect of politicians and the police forces. Badging both ”sex work” and ”body modification” as Human Rights issues they have managed to convince Civil Rights Lawyers to engage in strategic litigation.

Donor Dating.

This event allowed participants to connect directly with the various foundations bankrolling this ideology. Representatives meet with the activist groups and explain their own priorities to identify if they align with the various transgender/prostitution lobby groups. In this section we also discover there was a pre-conference organised by the Global Philanthropy Project.

Global Philanthropy Project

This is a consortium of foundations all of the big players in pushing Gender Identity Ideology: Arcus Foundation, Open Society Foundations are big players. GPP is also funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Astraea foundation are listed as part of GPP and below we learn they supported a trans activist; who used their support to provide access to health professionals and psychologists to ”keep gay and transgender people alive”. I did a piece on Astraea, don’t be fooled by their name.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation

More donors are listed here 👇 including COC of the Netherlands. Also, don’t forget, the Director of the International Trans Fund (ITT) has boasted about his role driving through Irelands Gender Recognition Act. Sarah Phillips from T.E.N.I. (Irish Stonewall) also has a role in ITT.

This is a list of foundations with a particular interest in legitimising prostitution as ”sex work” and decriminalising all of who profit from the access to mainly women’s bodies. Trans-identified males are also prone to be involved in prostitution and it is the single biggest factor linked to murders of “transgender” males. There is also a handy list of local activist groups to research.

The full document is linked in part two. It is a really useful resource for anyone, especially if based in an African country, who would like to know what is happening in a specific country.

European Parliament.

Also at this conference was a representative from the EU parliament.

Enrique was keen to point out that the EU have supplanted the United States in terms of overseas aid to Africa.

I have had a look at the EU strategy documents on LGBTQI strategy and they deserve a bespoke piece. Suffice to say they quote the trans lobby group ILGA, repeatedly, who were involved in the production of the Denton’s Document, article below on that document.

That Denton’s Document

Closing remarks.

The conference ends with a statement about how they need to unite to have more clout, identity, visibility and political muscle. There is also talk of a “common enemy”. That would be anyone who believes biological sex is real. It’s a war on our very humanity.

I will return to this series just to cover some of the highlights from the participants. What was really striking was that nobody was explicit about demanding entry to female only spaces. They are not saying the quiet part out loud.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology, its impact on women’s rights and gay rights. Also looking at the billionaires bankrolling this astroturf movement.


Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa 3


In part 2 we looked at how Trans activists are working with the media, police forces, politicians and the legal profession to advance their case across the African continent. The first conference I covered was funded, directly, by the International Trans Fund using funds provided by the Arcus Foundation. The 2017 conference was funded by an alliance of pro-prostitution lobby groups and LGBTI+ groups.

Intersex (Disorders of Sexual Development)

This section of the conference is labelled ”intersex” which is a term that has fallen out of favour with people who actually suffer from these medical conditions. They tend to prefer disorder, or differences, in sexual development (DSDs). Trans-activists exploit these medical condition to claim they prove that sex is a spectrum and finally that men can be women. It is common for people to lie and claim to have one of these conditions so I approach these claims with a healthy degree of skepticism.

In this part of the conference there is what seem to be a genuine section explaining that some people don’t accept the very tiny number of babies who have a visible DSD at birth. This seems plausible, however, telling a child they can ”choose their sex” is a lie. Each one of these disorders is sex specific.

Less plausible is the person who claims to be intersex, thought to be a boy but commenced menstruating and developing breasts as a teenager.

Legislation to protect people with DSDs is laudable and some of the medical practices can harm babies born with these medical conditions, however, some of these conditions are life threatening and do need early medical intervention. Many genuine people with DSDs feel they are being harmed when their conditions are hijacked by trans activists who reduce their medical status to an ”identity”.

Sex and Pleasure

There is only a short report on this session. The participants were asked to write down their sexual fantasies.

We were then treated to some of the fantasies. These were the ones shared in the conference report. 😳

This is how the rapporteur ended this section.

Body Economics

This session focuses on prostitution which, of course, they call ”sex work”. This is not a surprise since the conference organiser is a pro-prostitution lobby group. Again that description of being ”sensitised” to the sex-worker movement”. He is being groomed.
They are right about the violence meted out to prostituted, trans-identifying males. One of the reasons I think promoting prostitution is deeply harmful.

They cover efforts to record violence against prostitutes which nobody objects to but they are also working to decriminalie the trade in, predominantly, women’s bodies. They are working with the police, media and even religious leaders. Just to be clear, I am in favour of decriminalising the women, and men, engaged in prostitution but not the buyers and certainly not the pimps. Organisations claiming to be led by ”sex workers” are , in my opinion, just a front for the Pimp lobby.

These are the principles the participants are required to sign up to:

Just to prove my suspicion are well founded they conform they are working with the pimp lobby, allegedly to keep prostitutes safe.

The promotion of prostitution is particularly egregious since this is the leading cause of the murder of trans-identifed males. As documented on the Trans Murder Monitoring Project. 62% were murdered whilst in prostitution, it is also not a colour blind crime if you look at the % of people of colour. 👇

I will do more on this document to cover the ”Donor Dating” session which was an opportunity for groups to learn about funding they could tap into. One of those present was someone from the European Parliament who was keen to point out the EU have over taken the U.S in aid to Africa. My worry is that the conditions attached to any funding could act as a perverse incentive to accept this toxic export from “Western” countries.

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Spreading Gender Ideology to Africa 2


This will be part of a series following on from part one which you can find here: 👇 Part on reveals how much money is behind this and, of course, they are bankrolled by the Arcus Foundation.

How to spread Gender Ideology

Importing Gender Ideology is Neo-Colonialism

In part one I covered a mini-conference which was a precurser to the main event. I have not, yet, managed to locate the report of the 2019 conference but I have found a report from the 2017 event; which is absolute dynamite in what it reveals. I will cover what I can in this series but we definitely need boots on the ground, in Africa. I will share anything I have, including country specific data, to anyone who contacts me, via twitter. Here is the report 👇


Trans-activists from all over Africa gathered together at a conference attended by representatives of billionaire funded foundations and even a representative from the European Parliament.  Also present was an academic (S.N Nyeck) from California, who had, for one of her specialties, queer theory but also researched globalisation and the law and the outsourcing of government procurement : a rather interesting combination.  The conference itself was organised by an alliance of “sex worker“ activist and trans activists.

For those of you familiar with this terrain the thought terminating cliche ”Trans Women are Women” is often accompanied by #SexWorkIsWork. One of the explanations given is that trans-identified people (mainly males) often resort to prostitution to fund their surgeries. A further rationale is that both movements involve the commodification and objectification of the human body. Another group has allied with prostitutes and drug users, on the grounds they all outlaws subject to draconian measures.

The activists are gathered to thrash out the aims of the movement and share strategies deployed in their home countries. As you can see they share the language of Western activists such as “Cis” and smashing heteronormativity. They also talk about ending segregational politics which, from the context, probably refers to sex segregationalists;, thus labelled to imply we are akin to the architects of apartheid.

The technique of ”forced teaming” is also evident from the document. Common tactics are to inveigle their way into organisations for gay rights, women’s rights, especially reproductive freedom; linking access to abortion to bodily autonomy arguments to access ”trans” medicine. Of course they call this ”people centred reproductive health” . (IEC materials = Information, education and communication materials. )

The role of the media.

As in the ”west” there is a lot of emphasis in structuring the ”trans narratives” in the media. Quite a few activists explained how they cultivated sympathetic journalists to get their message out. Here a Sudanese activist recommends this strategy.

An activist from Togo had already begun the work of cultivating their media.

Some participants were actively training the media, as also happens in the U.K.

Another activist, in Mombasa, employed a more low tech method of getting the message out. Michael is not alone in expressing his revolutionary fervour.

Unsurprisingly many activists talk about the key role played by the internet, especially those that live in repressive regimes.

Just as in the United Kingdom one accurate portrayal of the aims and impact of Transgender Ideology can reframe the narrative and alert the general public to what is going on. Naturally the activists have a somewhat different vantage point. What activists call “sensitisation” is actually indoctrination.

Law Enforcement, the Judiciary and Politicians.

As in the U.K many conference participants talk about how they were able to lobby police, politicians and the legal profession and to strategically litigate to challenge their government. Here one group speak of a partnership with the police and local government: 👇

Another activist talks about his own legal action against the government in Zimbabwe.

Strategic litigation is a key tool for activists but sometimes they can get politicians to pass laws if they lobby them effectively. In Liberia this activist is doing this and working with the police.

In Uganda a similar approach has been taken using Human Rights infrastructure. It never fails to shock me seeing how many HuMAN Rights Lawyers are very prominent in the dismantling of women’s rights. In Tanzania all women’s rights activists are assumed to lesbian rather than labelled Terf.

The ”Matriarchy”

There is so much in this document it warrants another post. You will especially like the section where they share sexual fantasies. There are also sections engaging with the Funding organisations and a contribution from a representative of the European Parliament. I will also find some time to follow up many of the trans activist groups named.

For now, I will leave you with this quote from Rwanda. Apparently Rwandan activists have add added problem; The Matriarchy. 🤷‍♀️

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How to spread Gender Ideology


Africa: Neo-Colonialism

This post should give you a flavour of a co-ordinated campaign to spread Gender Identity Ideology throughout continental Africa. The document below is the report of a gathering of trans activists, for which I am indebted to a twitter user you can follow here


This event was a feeder event for a conference designed to connect Trans Activist with each other and, crucially, with funding sources.. For those of you who read the work of Jennifer Bilek this will be familiar territory.

You can follow 11th hour blog here 👇

11th Hour twitter account

The conference is the brain child of the International Trans Fund. (ITF) They are backed by The Arcus Foundation, among others, which I wrote about here:


This is a summary of the amount if funding given to the International Trans Fund, since 2016

These are details of a couple of the grants.

This post will be based on this document 👇shared by a twitter user. . Attached below:


Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS)

The main conference is called Changing Faces, Changing Spaces and has been going since 2007. I have been unable to locate the conference report, but I have located the agenda and the report for the 2017 event.

The agenda is here with an excerpt highlighting the key role of Broden Giambarone.


The Ireland connection 

The keynote speaker is Broden Giambrone who played  role in getting the Irish Gender Recognition Act passed; which, controversially. allows self-identification of trans status. He talks about that here in a short YouTube for Open Society Foundations, who also fund this conference. Broden is the Director of ITF. 

Broden Giambrone

There is a further Irish connection since the treasurer for ITF is none other than Sara Phillips, of Ireland’s equivalent to Stonewall.

The pre-conference document sets out the priorities for trans-activists groups with some detail about their priorities and strategy. Most of the people with a “trans” identity have no access to what is described as ”gender affirming” care so this was a priority for the grass roots attendees.

Another key aim is to obtain legal recognition of the trans community with the clear implication that it should follow the Irish Model and be based on ”Self-ID” . This would be a disaster when it has long been recognised women face rape just trying to relieve themselves in the absence of safe toilet provision. Now any recent initiatives to provide facilities would end up mixed sex.

Of all the trans advocacy documents , I have read, this was also the most blatant in linking “trans” rights to engage in prostitution, which of course they call ”sex work”. The two issues are linked repeatedly in the document.

They are keen to raise awareness of ”trans” issues and, in particular, dispel the notion that it is connected to homosexuality, as below.

As I raised in this post promoting transgender ideology has had a negative impact on gay rights even in the Western context, how much more catastrophic could it be where homosexual rights are recent or non-existent? I wrote about this here :

Lesbian & Gay Rights in African countries.


The impact of Gender Identity Ideology on Gay men and Lesbians could be far worse in Africa.

Better a trans daughter than a gay son?

Another, particularly, chilling strategy is the use of social media to target the young. We are now witnessing a Tsunami of detransitioners who have woken up from their Tumblr induced, Trans, Trance. Imagine fostering this in countries without the same health services?


I have been told by African women that they don’t expect this to infect African society the same way as it has done in the U.K, North America and Australasia. I am not so sure. A generation of our kids have been brainwashed and the idea of #LadyPenis has emerged at breakneck speed. Puberty Blocker manufacturers have donated nearly 1.5 million to one political party, individual donors have given money to politicians who are now spouting queer their inspired garbage. I did not think this could happen here. I have long been of the opinion that I live in a very corrupt country (England) but that does not mean corruption is not also rife in Africa.

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Researching the neo-colonialism in exporting gender identity ideology, globally. Charting the impact on women’s and gay rights and hoping we are an effective fightback.