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Interview with Zooey Zephr

Decided to have a digest the content on this podcast to see where more of the Trans Lobby Group money is going. This was after I was told that the founder,, Imara Jones, a trans-identified male, had been invited to the United Nations under the heading UN Women.

Turns out that Jones was given $200,000 by Open Society Foundations for his podcast.

The podcast focus is on what Jones calls “black trans women”. and details how this demographic are marginalised and oppressed. Jones would appear to be the exception having a quite high profile career and access to education at Columbia University and London School of Economics. He also attracted funding from fellowship programmmes and obtained a post at the White House under Bill Clinton. He then secured another post working for Bill Blasio, the mayor of New York.

Zooey Zephr

I have selected this episode which looks at the election of a trans-identified male, Zooey Zephr, to represent a district in Montana. This episode reveals the money ploughed into initiatives to get these men elected.

Zephr was supported by an initiative called Women To Win campaign. As you can guess it was not about women at all.

It transpires that Women to Win programme was funded by LGBTQ Victory Institute and was developed to promote LGBTQ women and encourage them to obtain public office. The organisation credit Ascend with funding the programme; who make it clear that their definition of “woman” is, let’s say elastic.

A quick check on the grants awarded by the Arcus Foundation revel that they have ploughed quite a bit of money into the LGBT Victory Institute to support the election of this demographic. This funding dates back to 2008.

Here is a selection of how those grants were described.

Zooey Zephr describes himself as a bisexual and appears to be in a relationship with another trans-identified male who is a content creator on “trans” issues.

This is how Erin describes their work.

He seems particularly proud of making sure gender confused folks can get access to synthetic hormones with no gatekeeping.

Zephr appears to have crowd funded for their castration and penis inversion.

Zephr’s legislative priorities are making sure men can compete in female sport and removing the defence of “trans or gay panic”. This is used as a defence /mitigation for people who commit violence against a sexual partner who obtained sex by deception by not disclosing their biological sex. I am not a fan of any violence but I do support criminalisation of obtaining sex by deception.

It also appears Zephr had a background in competitive sport; it’s not known whether he competed on female teams but it is clear he supports unfair sport for females.

I will probably visit this podcast again and do a series. For today I think this gives a flavour of what we are up against.

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Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa 3


In part 2 we looked at how Trans activists are working with the media, police forces, politicians and the legal profession to advance their case across the African continent. The first conference I covered was funded, directly, by the International Trans Fund using funds provided by the Arcus Foundation. The 2017 conference was funded by an alliance of pro-prostitution lobby groups and LGBTI+ groups.

Intersex (Disorders of Sexual Development)

This section of the conference is labelled ”intersex” which is a term that has fallen out of favour with people who actually suffer from these medical conditions. They tend to prefer disorder, or differences, in sexual development (DSDs). Trans-activists exploit these medical condition to claim they prove that sex is a spectrum and finally that men can be women. It is common for people to lie and claim to have one of these conditions so I approach these claims with a healthy degree of skepticism.

In this part of the conference there is what seem to be a genuine section explaining that some people don’t accept the very tiny number of babies who have a visible DSD at birth. This seems plausible, however, telling a child they can ”choose their sex” is a lie. Each one of these disorders is sex specific.

Less plausible is the person who claims to be intersex, thought to be a boy but commenced menstruating and developing breasts as a teenager.

Legislation to protect people with DSDs is laudable and some of the medical practices can harm babies born with these medical conditions, however, some of these conditions are life threatening and do need early medical intervention. Many genuine people with DSDs feel they are being harmed when their conditions are hijacked by trans activists who reduce their medical status to an ”identity”.

Sex and Pleasure

There is only a short report on this session. The participants were asked to write down their sexual fantasies.

We were then treated to some of the fantasies. These were the ones shared in the conference report. 😳

This is how the rapporteur ended this section.

Body Economics

This session focuses on prostitution which, of course, they call ”sex work”. This is not a surprise since the conference organiser is a pro-prostitution lobby group. Again that description of being ”sensitised” to the sex-worker movement”. He is being groomed.
They are right about the violence meted out to prostituted, trans-identifying males. One of the reasons I think promoting prostitution is deeply harmful.

They cover efforts to record violence against prostitutes which nobody objects to but they are also working to decriminalie the trade in, predominantly, women’s bodies. They are working with the police, media and even religious leaders. Just to be clear, I am in favour of decriminalising the women, and men, engaged in prostitution but not the buyers and certainly not the pimps. Organisations claiming to be led by ”sex workers” are , in my opinion, just a front for the Pimp lobby.

These are the principles the participants are required to sign up to:

Just to prove my suspicion are well founded they conform they are working with the pimp lobby, allegedly to keep prostitutes safe.

The promotion of prostitution is particularly egregious since this is the leading cause of the murder of trans-identifed males. As documented on the Trans Murder Monitoring Project. 62% were murdered whilst in prostitution, it is also not a colour blind crime if you look at the % of people of colour. 👇

I will do more on this document to cover the ”Donor Dating” session which was an opportunity for groups to learn about funding they could tap into. One of those present was someone from the European Parliament who was keen to point out the EU have over taken the U.S in aid to Africa. My worry is that the conditions attached to any funding could act as a perverse incentive to accept this toxic export from “Western” countries.

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Spreading Gender Ideology to Africa 2


This will be part of a series following on from part one which you can find here: 👇 Part on reveals how much money is behind this and, of course, they are bankrolled by the Arcus Foundation.

How to spread Gender Ideology

Importing Gender Ideology is Neo-Colonialism

In part one I covered a mini-conference which was a precurser to the main event. I have not, yet, managed to locate the report of the 2019 conference but I have found a report from the 2017 event; which is absolute dynamite in what it reveals. I will cover what I can in this series but we definitely need boots on the ground, in Africa. I will share anything I have, including country specific data, to anyone who contacts me, via twitter. Here is the report 👇


Trans-activists from all over Africa gathered together at a conference attended by representatives of billionaire funded foundations and even a representative from the European Parliament.  Also present was an academic (S.N Nyeck) from California, who had, for one of her specialties, queer theory but also researched globalisation and the law and the outsourcing of government procurement : a rather interesting combination.  The conference itself was organised by an alliance of “sex worker“ activist and trans activists.

For those of you familiar with this terrain the thought terminating cliche ”Trans Women are Women” is often accompanied by #SexWorkIsWork. One of the explanations given is that trans-identified people (mainly males) often resort to prostitution to fund their surgeries. A further rationale is that both movements involve the commodification and objectification of the human body. Another group has allied with prostitutes and drug users, on the grounds they all outlaws subject to draconian measures.

The activists are gathered to thrash out the aims of the movement and share strategies deployed in their home countries. As you can see they share the language of Western activists such as “Cis” and smashing heteronormativity. They also talk about ending segregational politics which, from the context, probably refers to sex segregationalists;, thus labelled to imply we are akin to the architects of apartheid.

The technique of ”forced teaming” is also evident from the document. Common tactics are to inveigle their way into organisations for gay rights, women’s rights, especially reproductive freedom; linking access to abortion to bodily autonomy arguments to access ”trans” medicine. Of course they call this ”people centred reproductive health” . (IEC materials = Information, education and communication materials. )

The role of the media.

As in the ”west” there is a lot of emphasis in structuring the ”trans narratives” in the media. Quite a few activists explained how they cultivated sympathetic journalists to get their message out. Here a Sudanese activist recommends this strategy.

An activist from Togo had already begun the work of cultivating their media.

Some participants were actively training the media, as also happens in the U.K.

Another activist, in Mombasa, employed a more low tech method of getting the message out. Michael is not alone in expressing his revolutionary fervour.

Unsurprisingly many activists talk about the key role played by the internet, especially those that live in repressive regimes.

Just as in the United Kingdom one accurate portrayal of the aims and impact of Transgender Ideology can reframe the narrative and alert the general public to what is going on. Naturally the activists have a somewhat different vantage point. What activists call “sensitisation” is actually indoctrination.

Law Enforcement, the Judiciary and Politicians.

As in the U.K many conference participants talk about how they were able to lobby police, politicians and the legal profession and to strategically litigate to challenge their government. Here one group speak of a partnership with the police and local government: 👇

Another activist talks about his own legal action against the government in Zimbabwe.

Strategic litigation is a key tool for activists but sometimes they can get politicians to pass laws if they lobby them effectively. In Liberia this activist is doing this and working with the police.

In Uganda a similar approach has been taken using Human Rights infrastructure. It never fails to shock me seeing how many HuMAN Rights Lawyers are very prominent in the dismantling of women’s rights. In Tanzania all women’s rights activists are assumed to lesbian rather than labelled Terf.

The ”Matriarchy”

There is so much in this document it warrants another post. You will especially like the section where they share sexual fantasies. There are also sections engaging with the Funding organisations and a contribution from a representative of the European Parliament. I will also find some time to follow up many of the trans activist groups named.

For now, I will leave you with this quote from Rwanda. Apparently Rwandan activists have add added problem; The Matriarchy. 🤷‍♀️

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How to spread Gender Ideology


Africa: Neo-Colonialism

This post should give you a flavour of a co-ordinated campaign to spread Gender Identity Ideology throughout continental Africa. The document below is the report of a gathering of trans activists, for which I am indebted to a twitter user you can follow here


This event was a feeder event for a conference designed to connect Trans Activist with each other and, crucially, with funding sources.. For those of you who read the work of Jennifer Bilek this will be familiar territory.

You can follow 11th hour blog here 👇

11th Hour twitter account

The conference is the brain child of the International Trans Fund. (ITF) They are backed by The Arcus Foundation, among others, which I wrote about here:


This is a summary of the amount if funding given to the International Trans Fund, since 2016

These are details of a couple of the grants.

This post will be based on this document 👇shared by a twitter user. . Attached below:


Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS)

The main conference is called Changing Faces, Changing Spaces and has been going since 2007. I have been unable to locate the conference report, but I have located the agenda and the report for the 2017 event.

The agenda is here with an excerpt highlighting the key role of Broden Giambarone.


The Ireland connection 

The keynote speaker is Broden Giambrone who played  role in getting the Irish Gender Recognition Act passed; which, controversially. allows self-identification of trans status. He talks about that here in a short YouTube for Open Society Foundations, who also fund this conference. Broden is the Director of ITF. 

Broden Giambrone

There is a further Irish connection since the treasurer for ITF is none other than Sara Phillips, of Ireland’s equivalent to Stonewall.

The pre-conference document sets out the priorities for trans-activists groups with some detail about their priorities and strategy. Most of the people with a “trans” identity have no access to what is described as ”gender affirming” care so this was a priority for the grass roots attendees.

Another key aim is to obtain legal recognition of the trans community with the clear implication that it should follow the Irish Model and be based on ”Self-ID” . This would be a disaster when it has long been recognised women face rape just trying to relieve themselves in the absence of safe toilet provision. Now any recent initiatives to provide facilities would end up mixed sex.

Of all the trans advocacy documents , I have read, this was also the most blatant in linking “trans” rights to engage in prostitution, which of course they call ”sex work”. The two issues are linked repeatedly in the document.

They are keen to raise awareness of ”trans” issues and, in particular, dispel the notion that it is connected to homosexuality, as below.

As I raised in this post promoting transgender ideology has had a negative impact on gay rights even in the Western context, how much more catastrophic could it be where homosexual rights are recent or non-existent? I wrote about this here :

Lesbian & Gay Rights in African countries.


The impact of Gender Identity Ideology on Gay men and Lesbians could be far worse in Africa.

Better a trans daughter than a gay son?

Another, particularly, chilling strategy is the use of social media to target the young. We are now witnessing a Tsunami of detransitioners who have woken up from their Tumblr induced, Trans, Trance. Imagine fostering this in countries without the same health services?


I have been told by African women that they don’t expect this to infect African society the same way as it has done in the U.K, North America and Australasia. I am not so sure. A generation of our kids have been brainwashed and the idea of #LadyPenis has emerged at breakneck speed. Puberty Blocker manufacturers have donated nearly 1.5 million to one political party, individual donors have given money to politicians who are now spouting queer their inspired garbage. I did not think this could happen here. I have long been of the opinion that I live in a very corrupt country (England) but that does not mean corruption is not also rife in Africa.

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I have done numerous tweets and threads to unpick the propaganda about the murder rates of Trans People. Here is a post to counter the narrative that trans people are an extremely vulnerable demographic. This argument is an inversion of the truth designed to posit women as “cis-privileged” whilst casting aside safeguarding, for women and girls. This also serves to deny the extent of male violence against women by artificially inflating statistics, of female crimes, by including those committed by trans-identified males.

The source I am using for this data is a site run by Transgender Europe. This is a Trans advocacy site which has received nearly 1 million dollars from the Arcus Foundation; an organisation I cover in my previous blog. 👇. This is the grant given specifically for mapping “transgender murder rates”.


Here is my blog on the Arcus Foundation which documents their grant making. 


Based on the U.K. data there were 11 unlawfully killed trans people. All were all trans-identified males, all killed by males, though one identified as a transwoman. In common with the general pattern of violent crime this data reflects the fact that homicide is, overwhelmingly, an expression of criminality associated with the male, not the female, sex.

You can access the trans-murder monitoring site here:

Here is their map of the extent of this type of crime in the U.K.


gThere’s some confusion about the figure of 11. It appears to, erroneously, include two individuals, for 2008, Here an organisation, casts doubt on their inclusion in these statistics.

Here’s what they had to say:


Based on this clarification it would appear that this list, which is available on Karen Ingala Smith’s website, is the correct data:

As you can see the situation is a little bit more complicated than just “transphobia” 👇

Which takes me to the real issue that trans activists seem unable to honestly reflect upon. Globally a staggering 62% of those murders take place in the context of prostitution. Maybe exit strategies and drug rehabilitation would save more of those lives?


Instead there seems to be a constant refrain of #SexWorkIsWork alongside the insistent refrain of #TransWomenAreWomen. The link between endorsing prostitution as liberating or empowering needs to be broken if we are not to expose this community to needless risk. Here is Janet Mock on their time working in prostitution.


There is a fundamental incompatibility with women’s, sex based rights, when someone, who wishes to be considered a woman and a feminist, explicitly endorses the objectifying, male gaze. For Mock this validates their “womanhood”. Many women are sick and tired of fighting against being objectified and reject male-identified feminism as a mockery of the real thing!

The other side of the coin to this debate is the idea that males, who identify as women, don’t have the same pattern of male violence as other males. The statistics would appear to contradict this. Notwithstanding the fact that, in the U.K, male crimes are now being reported, and recorded, as if they were committed by women we know that up to 2016 there were 12 murders committed by trans-identified males. Again I am indebted to for this list.


Facts matter. Next time we see the near ubiquitous outpouring of (performative) grief from organisations, seeking to rainbow wash their brands, bear this in mind. There are more murders committed by this demographic than victims. Remind them also that women are subject to an epidemic of male violence and remember the excellent work of Karen Ingala Smith and Counting Dead Women at femicide census below.

Femicide census

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Manufacturing Moral Panic 2


Why is a network of Charitable funding bodies fuelling a backlash against women’s sex based rights? Why are organisations, set up to protect children’s rights, teaming up with organisations promoting Gender Identity Ideology?

For part one see below 👇. My previous post showed the links between these foundations and links to some of my earlier work examining the activities of *some* of these organisations. It also contains the link to the, 131 page, document endorsed by Global Philanthropy Project and Elevate Children’s Funders Group.

Manufacturing Moral Panic

In this post I want to cover the opening letter explaining why this coalition was established. I will also highlight some of the terminology they use in the glossary of terms. This is how they characterise women defending our sex-based rights. We are ”Gender Restrictive”. Heaven forfend we are simply called feminists because then it would be abundantly clear they attacking Women’s rights!


The coalition makes sense in one respect. Much of the opposition, to the spread of Gender Identity Ideology, raises concerns about the medical interventions perpetrated on children. By which I mean blocking puberty and introducing cross-sex hormones, all to cement a Transgender Identity; this despite the same ideologues arguing that “Gender can be fluid”. I have covered Puberty Blockers many times on this blog. For neophytes, or as a reminder; in the U.K we are giving Puberty Blockers to children as young as ten, on the NHS. They, almost, invariably progress to Cross Sex Hormones and as a result they will be sterile. It therefore a significant concern that a coalition of children’s charities have signed up to this document.

The authors recognise that childhood is defined as up to the age of 18 by the Children’s Rights Coalition (CRC). It nevertheless claims ”adulthood” is influenced by the social context in which the ”child” lives. As far as I am aware we don’t defend child marriage, or child labour, even where a child is based in a country, or culture, which normalises these practices. This blurring of the boundary between child/adult is necessary when arguing children have the right to bodily autonomy in respect of accessing “Gender Affirming” care. I believe this is why Children are being reframed across a myriad of public /campaigning bodies as mini-adults.


I am glad they reference brain maturity because credible research states that brain maturation continues up to the age of 25. One of the key battle grounds, for the promotion of Gender Identity Ideology, is to argue for the empowerment of children. This allows arguments, for children, especially teenagers, to access medical interventions to cement a trans-identity, without requiring parental consent.

Brain Maturation

Here’s the abstract for that research.


Just a reminder about UK Law on getting a tattoo. It is not legal even with parental consent.


Next up the document quotes the Committee for the Rights of the Child (CRC) again. Note that the document explicitly references sex but the author’s quote another document to claim that this also covers ”Gender Identity”. Once again, this is a common tactic a sleight of hand to claim the law is in your side, even when you are arguing for it to be changed. A good example is the public campaign to allow anyone to ”Self-Identify” as the opposite sex and the more covert campaign to abolish single sex spaces. When it appears these laws are not going to change (outside of Scotland) campaigners are simply lying about the law to get it built into policy. [Hence the twitter hashtag #StonewallLaw].


Note the small print on this which references the ”transsexual” child. 👇.


Heres another interesting aside. The rights of the child must take into account the child’s views. They also posit the view that the argument of “Best Interests” cannot be used to justify actions “inconsistent with child rights”. In the context of Gender Identity Ideology this is often deployed to argue children/adolescents have the right to bodily autonomy and to access ”Gender affirming” medical interventions. This takes us back to the notion of “transsexual children”; a description usually avoided.


Glossary of Terms

The glossary of terms at the beginning of the document are illustrative of the ideology under-pinning this document. It includes the newspeak of Cisgender, Transgender, Heteronormative, Assigned Sex at Birth etc. Intersex also makes an appearance despite this not being favoured terminology among those with Disorders of Sexual Development (DSDs). The term ”intersex” won’t be given up without a fight because the Transgender movement use people with DSDs to muddy the waters and suggest there are more than two sexes. (Humans are, in fact, Sexually Dimorphic).

I won’t treat you to the entire glossary but its worth including a couple of examples. Under Gender and Sexual Diversity can be found the definition of sex. This recognises biological sex only to claim it is randomly ”assigned” . They also claim sexual dimorphism is based on a common belief in a binary sex classifications. This equates scientific accuracy to a faith based position. In this section 👇 the author’s also feign allegiance with the interests of people with DSDs; who often campaign against unnecessary surgery on infants. Note that some surgeries are in fact medically necessary, DSD activists oppose only cosmetic interventions on those under age.

The section dealing with SEXual orientation is below. Of course they define it as a Genderal Orientation. And we must have a category for the oppressed asexuals or as I call them ”the shag anything that moves brigade”.


Whoever named Pansexual after a mythical, horny old goat at least had a sense of humour: 😂


So far, so predictable. Now we get to the definition of Gender Justice”. Note that the definition includes (cis) women’s rights. Yay, we actually get a category of our own! Don’t get too excited, it is prefixed with the insulting ”cis” and, read on sisters, they graciously deign to consider redressing the power imbalance between men and women “if necessary”! I think it is FUCKING necessary since you are re-defining us against our will.


Introductory Letter

Now we get to the letter accompanying the document which purports to explain why they felt it necessary to join forces to expose ”Gender-Restrictive” folks. This is newspeak for Witches, by the way. 👇


It is hard to credit the claims made in this document and the level of testeria fuelling the authors of this ”research”. For those of you familiar with DARVO (Deny, attack, reverse victim and offender) this is a classic of the genre. Apparently WE are distorting huMAN rights. Which is a bit rich coming from the Gender Ideology lobby who are all about the MAN in human.

We are also being accused of ”anti-democracy”. I cannot think of anything more anti-democratic than following a blue-print that encourages the passing of laws, by stealth and avoiding press-coverage. (See the Denton’s document. Blog below). More D.A.R.V.O.

That Denton’s Document

Gender Critical Women as an “Alarming Trend”


Women defending sex based rights, Lesbians refusing to accept males as sexual partners, mothers fighting to stop the medicalising of, among others, gay and autistic kids, are planning State Seizure! They actually sound crazy! Below they even claim women, fighting for sex based rights, are actually the ones attacking women’s rights.


Yes, there is a threat to children’s rights as activists are inculcating “Gender Dysphoria” in our kids and teens. Schools are teaching children a lack of adherence to sex stereotypes equals #BornInTheWrongBody. We are coaxing our gay youth into faux-straight, medicalised closets.

They also fear this Moral panic is effective. If it is effective this is because it is rooted in truth and (biological) reality. For the avoidance of doubt they do mean us! Here is a reference to ”So called ”gender critical” feminists. Nobody is arguing against human rights for trans identified people, in GC circles, we are fighting for sex based rights for women. No Conflict They Said. So, why does every fight for women’s rights garner an “anti-trans” label.

  • E6C465B5-ED72-4738-B95B-9E89F8C08EC2

Seriously they think we are well funded and have been planning this for 35 YEARS! I wonder why they didnt choose Terf Island (United Kingdom) for their country analysis? Could it be because it really doesn’t help their case? What with so many of us being Left-Wing, Trade Unionists.


The authors sound a warning to its disciples that they must unite to oppose the evil terfs and band together. Right side of history and all that.


I will leave this post with a list of the organisations that contributed to the document which includes Comic Relief whose funding is regularly used to promote bodily rejection.


I am going to do more on this document especially on the scurrilous attack on Womens Human Rights Coalition (W.H.R.C). I also have sisters from Bulgaria, Ghana and Peru looking at the country specific sections.

Finally those of you who are clearly sitting on the mounds of cash spare a bit for a sister! I seem to have missed out on the Swiss Bank account enrichment. 😂

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Astraea Lesbian Foundation


This group crops up quite frequently when following grants, made by private foundations, that promote Gender Identity Ideology. The title and history of this group suggests its original focus was on Lesbians. Since it’s inception there has been a shift in focus. Let’s have a wander through it’s early history.


The historical artefacts preserved on the website for Astraea show a focus on issues affecting Lesbians as mothers, artists and musicians. They engaged in struggles to get funding and recognition as well as custody battles. There was an early clue in the use of “queer women”, though I don’t know if this was quite the all encompassing word it has become by 2021.


Tempting as it is to assume the Lesbian founders would object to subsuming (I would say subjugating) Lesbian concerns under the LGBTQ umbrella I can’t find evidence of dissent. Achebe Powell, for one, seems happy to embrace the march of Queer theory through the organisation. Here is a link to an interview with Achebe and a brief clip.

Queer Left F83866AE-F6B0-4B30-B3E6-B958963629AC

By 1996 they had morphed into an LGBTQ group and were committed to spreading their ideology globally.


So, where are Astraea Foundation now? Here is a very illuminating post by Influence Watch.

Astraea Foundation   

As you can see Astraea was in receipt of much state funding in the United States. It’s largest donor is the Arcus Foundation but it’s not wholly transparent about all its donors.  The State funding emerged under President Obama.  Obama  was bankrolled by Penny Pritzker, whose brother is a billionaire, trans-identified male, reborn as Jennifer, after a high flying military career. 

 Below is an article in the New York Times which profiles Penny Pritzker’s her role in propelling Obama to the presidency. I wonder if the price he paid was the promotion of LGBTQ rights, or Gender Identity Ideology, during his time in office? 

NY Times


As you can see the Obama Administration pushed for LGBT acceptance and Astraea Foundation became deeply embedded in the project.


Astraea Foundation came to my attention by following the U.K. based Barings Foundation 2.  and there foray into funding LGBTQ funding on the African continent.  You will notice that the grantees funded by Baring have significant overlap with those funding by Astraea.


The organisations that fund Astraea also crop up regularly when following the money. Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundation are named in their 2019 annual report as is Ellen Page.


They also recognise the pushback as women, especially lesbians, realise the implications for our sex based rights; right to exclude male people from Lesbian spaces and the right to single sex spaces for all women. So what does Astraea have to say about this backlash? Surprise surprise we are accused of paranoia and being aligned with a Conservative agenda. The fact that UK Gender Critical women are largely (though not entirely) left wing tends to confound commentators from the United States. As usual many cannot quite fathom any cultural context but that of their own. We didn’t win abortion rights and paid maternity leave by following U.S feminist strategies.


I have drilled down into the funding provided by The Arcus Foundation. To understand why the billionaire heir to a medical company may have a vested interest in spreading Gender Identity Ideology I refer you to Jennifer Bilek’s article, below.

Stryker and Arcus

Arcus commenced funding of Astraea as far back as 2007.  Here is a snapshot of the amounts and which region of the world they focus their efforts.  They are overwhelmingly focussed outside of the United States.

2021-04-10 (2)

Here are the amounts that the Open Society Foundation has ploughed into Astraea Foundation. Since 2016.

2021-04-10 (3)

You can search their grants database here. It only provised data to 2016.

Open Society foundations: Grants database

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