UN Women: Campus Safety

I had a look at this document, from the United Nations, in 2018. I did a thread about it in 2020. You can find the document below: 👇

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Campus sexual assault

I examined this document to see how the United Nations navigates different contexts when purporting to care about sexual violence against women. This ties in with my series on promoting Gender Identity Ideology in African countries.

What is a woman?

This is how they define gender, explicitly tying it to a “social role” rather than ”biological attributes”. Naturally they assume that women are a “gender identity” class, not a sex class. Yet they also don’t think they are perpetuating ”harmful stereotypes”. 😳.

The glossary warns people not to treat “gender” as a synonym for sex. 😳. If you’re basing membership of ”gender” categories on something you acknowledge shifts temporally, geographically and between cultural contexts is that not rather an unstable category? Could I be a woman in Yorkshire but fail to meet the criteria in the Yemen? So tired of arguing with this nonsense; we have educated the University class into stupid.

Elsewhere the report does advocates for specfic measures to protect women and girls, this includes separate facilities. How are we separating these facilities? By sex or lady feelz?

If gets more muddled when they include a requirement to collect disaggregated data based on sex. I am sensing that they got some pushback in the drafting of these documents and some common sense snuck in.

Cognitive Dissonance.

Live scenes at UN Headquarters.

There are a number of scenarios to explain this muddled document. U.N Headquarters, in the United States is likely staffed by people who are Judith Butler acolytes, steeped in queer theory. Representatives from African nations are more grounded and have less truck with luxury beliefs. The pomo/porn addled really see trans-identified males as the most vulnerable, marginalised, minority but women working / living in African nations know better. Of course we cannot have a document exclusively focused on women so a few references to the alphabet people are required. They are, of course, ”the most vulnerable”. Somebody clearly won the battle to reference sex.

They can’t have a policy in the “west” that opts for gender neutral spaces and explicitly allow sex segregated spaces in the African context because that would look, and be racist. So, they insert paragraphs like this, about context specific and “grounded research”. I hope this was in response to some strong minded women who pushed back on this nonsense but it is a shame the sensible women might all be based in Africa.

The document twice calls for the alleged perpetrator’s rights to be treated with respect. Of course it is the case that there should be due, legal, process but the guidance seems to suggest the colleges will be doing the adjudicating. I suppose the presumption is that the victim may not wish to institute criminal proceedings but it does place quite a burden on university administrators. It may also give rise to conflicts of interest given the risk to the college’s reputation.

In research conducted for the organisation Sex Matters, in the United Kingdom, 98% of respondents wanted single sex facilities. It’s not just women overseas who need single sex spaces. Many men also responded to say they wanted facilities divided by sex.

Single Sex Facilities matter to me

Istanbul Convention

The United Kingdom have, today, ratified the Istanbul Convention which aims to tackle violence against women and girls. They call it ”gender based violence” and this is how they define gender. You cannot defend what you refuse to define!

This entire debate, now we are finally able to have one, is shot through with cognitive dissonance and mangled logic as people try to reconcile contradictory positions. The naive and the nefarious seem to be equally represented. You can’t will male violence out of existence by pretending either sex can identify out of their class and women will magically cease to be victims whilst men cease to be perpetrators. At the present time we are dismantling safeguards for women and children at the speed of light with ZERO EVIDENCE that this will make women and girls safer.

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