Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa: 4

We have looked at the tactics of Trans Activist groups in Africa and found common strategies across the different countries. The harnessing of the media to portray the ”trans” community and the commodification of sex, in a positive light. As in the U.K some groups are directly training the journalists, which they call ”sensitisation” to avoid using anything suggestive of indoctrination. Similar tactics are deployed in respect of politicians and the police forces. Badging both ”sex work” and ”body modification” as Human Rights issues they have managed to convince Civil Rights Lawyers to engage in strategic litigation.

Donor Dating.

This event allowed participants to connect directly with the various foundations bankrolling this ideology. Representatives meet with the activist groups and explain their own priorities to identify if they align with the various transgender/prostitution lobby groups. In this section we also discover there was a pre-conference organised by the Global Philanthropy Project.

Global Philanthropy Project

This is a consortium of foundations all of the big players in pushing Gender Identity Ideology: Arcus Foundation, Open Society Foundations are big players. GPP is also funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Astraea foundation are listed as part of GPP and below we learn they supported a trans activist; who used their support to provide access to health professionals and psychologists to ”keep gay and transgender people alive”. I did a piece on Astraea, don’t be fooled by their name.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation

More donors are listed here 👇 including COC of the Netherlands. Also, don’t forget, the Director of the International Trans Fund (ITT) has boasted about his role driving through Irelands Gender Recognition Act. Sarah Phillips from T.E.N.I. (Irish Stonewall) also has a role in ITT.

This is a list of foundations with a particular interest in legitimising prostitution as ”sex work” and decriminalising all of who profit from the access to mainly women’s bodies. Trans-identified males are also prone to be involved in prostitution and it is the single biggest factor linked to murders of “transgender” males. There is also a handy list of local activist groups to research.

The full document is linked in part two. It is a really useful resource for anyone, especially if based in an African country, who would like to know what is happening in a specific country.

European Parliament.

Also at this conference was a representative from the EU parliament.

Enrique was keen to point out that the EU have supplanted the United States in terms of overseas aid to Africa.

I have had a look at the EU strategy documents on LGBTQI strategy and they deserve a bespoke piece. Suffice to say they quote the trans lobby group ILGA, repeatedly, who were involved in the production of the Denton’s Document, article below on that document.

That Denton’s Document

Closing remarks.

The conference ends with a statement about how they need to unite to have more clout, identity, visibility and political muscle. There is also talk of a “common enemy”. That would be anyone who believes biological sex is real. It’s a war on our very humanity.

I will return to this series just to cover some of the highlights from the participants. What was really striking was that nobody was explicit about demanding entry to female only spaces. They are not saying the quiet part out loud.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology, its impact on women’s rights and gay rights. Also looking at the billionaires bankrolling this astroturf movement.


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