Political Ambitions: Trans Britain. (Part 3)

Political ambitions.

There’s an interesting insert in this chapter which highlights that trans-activists work has been going on for decades and only now being noticed. Maybe this is because of the strategy outlined in The Denton’s Document: “Avoid press coverage”.

Many trans-activists got involved in various political parties to advance their agenda. I am trying not to be cynical about motivations but some of the party-hopping trans-activists suggests they are not conviction politicians, in the traditional sense.

Mark Lees

Mark Lees is a trans-identified female who held a council seat for the Liberal Democrats. Lees has quite a sad story about how he came to repudiate his sex.

Lee first came to prominence in 1986 when he took a case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Lees is a Christian who had also tried to be ordained but denied because females were precluded from ordained ministry. This is what prompted the legal fight. After this case Lees was contacted by a prominent Liberal Democrat and encouraged to pursue political office. Lees organised a meeting at the House of Commons and was involved in setting up the organisation Press For Change.

Lees does not appear to be promoting extremes and so I include only because many of the females caught up in this are in flight from their sex for complicated reasons. Some, as here, seem to be rooted in grief. Still others are autistic some struggle to accept their same sex attraction and still others reject their sexed body because of childhood sexual abuse. There are victims as well as perpetrators and even then these labels are not mutually exclusive. Blameless children can move between the two. It is also, ironically enough, very much a tale of two sexes.

Nikki Sinclaire

Sinclaire was a U.K.I.P Member of the European Parliament who was investigated over fraudulent expense claims but subsequently acquitted. Sinclaire was, allegedly, only “outed” after his period of office which lasted from 2009 to 2015.

Aimee Challenor

Aimee Challenor was a candidate for the Greens who had a previous conviction , as a minor, of threatening terrorist activity. Trans Crime cover his earlier charges (subsequently dropped) here:👇 Challenor was also a member of Stonewall’s (S.T.A.G) Trans Advisory Group.

Aimee Challenor

Challenor was investigated further when it emerged his father had been charged for the rape of a 10 year old girl, while acting as Challenor’s election agent. A crime for which he was subsequently convicted. Following an investigation, Challenor left the Green Party only to resurface in the Liberal Democrats. He was suspended from both parties. He subsequently married Nathan Knight and moved to the United States. It then turned out that his husband wrote pornographic fiction involving minors and incest. Here is how Pink News reported it:

In fact Nathan Knight had admitted he wrote this fiction. As covered by Feminist Current:

Aimee Challenor/Knight

Challenor /Knight then became a moderator on a Reddit forum, one of which was accessed by minors. He was finally removed after a protest by Reddit Users.

Challenor is an example of a kid who never stood a chance and I can feel pity for his earlier self. I dread to think what he was exposed to in the house he shared with his parents. Tragically the cycle of predatory behaviour can echo down the generations.

Sophie Cook

I have written about Sophie Cook before. Cook has the same pattern of standing for office and then standing as an independent, undermining the vote for his original party. Cook was ineligible for candidacy, second time around, because of an undeclared bankruptcy.

Sophie Cook: TRAs behind the scenes

Sophie took a place on the Women into Leadership scheme set up by U.K. Labour to redress the under-representation of women. He was not alone in doing this.

Cook was also recently announced as a “Speak Out” Champion for the Crown Prosecution Services.

Helen Belcher

Belcher has stood, unsuccessfully, for the Liberal Democrats, as an M.P twice but is a sitting Liberal Democrat Councillor. Belcher is a co-founder of Trans Media Watch. This organisation appeared in part two because Jane Fae is one of the trustees. Belcher doesn’t appear on the list of trustees and recently supported Mermaids, who are trying to strip the U.Ks only exclusively LGB charity (LGB Alliance) of its Charitable status. In that press statement Belcher does so in the name of an organisation called Trans Actual. Both Belcher and Fae are listed as Directors of Trans Actual at Companies House.

Here Liberal Democrat M.P., Layla Moran, describes Belcher as a friend. Sourced from Hansard, the official record of proceedings in the House of Commons.

Belcher also boasts of support from Ed Vaizey, a Conservative M.P.

Belcher is a heterosexual, married, father of two and was, formerly, a Christian Evangelical. It was his leadership role in the Church that inhibited him from cross-dressing at Church. Eventually he was driven to leave the Church and his wife, subsequently left the Church. You can hear Belcher talk about this in this podcast.

In this interview he claims his parents know he was “trans” from age 5 but also he became estranged from his father. His mother had died before he married. He also details his career in computing, not an unfamiliar story in trans identified males.

Helen Belcher

In this interview Belcher states that his first foray into activism was to oppose the “Spousal Exit Clause”; which allows a wife to divorce her husband if he wishes to “transition”. It is often misrepresented as a “Spousal Veto”, which is deliberate terminology designed to imply the wife can stop any change of “identity” or physical change. All she can do is exit the marriage before she is officially recorded as married to a “legal woman”.

Belcher also argues that even if “trans women” are more dangerous it is a form of apartheid to deny males access to female spaces. He claims that groups fighting for single sex spaces are waging a hate campaign and aim to eliminate “trans” people. He also says no “trans woman” will use male facilities because “Why would we put ourselves in danger?” Also this. 👇

Here are a few more statements from Belcher: This is reminiscent of Martine Rothblatt.

Absolutely no concern for the detransitioners and the harm wreaked upon Keira Bell and the nearly 40,000 young people on the detrans subreddit.

More transperbole: 👇

The above picture is a clip from one of Belcher towering over Jo Swinson, then leader of the Liberal Democrats. Worth remembering the Liberal Democrats have taken £1.4 million from the makers of puberty blockers.

Liberal Democrats & Big Pharma

Belcher also lost a complaint against The Times who he claimed were responsible for child suicides due to an article by Janice Turner. Details below: 👇

Failed Ipso Complaint

Belcher has a full chapter and perhaps in that I will find out exactly what Belcher is working on in Parliament as he mentions in the above interview. It is suggested he is an advisor to a Baroness in the House of Lords.

Heather Peto

Heather Peto seems to struggle with basic facts about his previous name, age and whether or not he took up a place at the Jo Cox, Women into leadership programme. I will just include a few images and you can read more on Glinner’s substack.

There is quite a lot of information 😳 on Heather Peto in sources I am not going to link to, in this piece. You can read more here:

Heather Peto

In part four I will look at the evidence put forward to claim “trans” people have existed across time and the globe as well as some of the “role models” who our children have been taught about in schools.

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