Gender Recognition Certificates and De-transition.

I recently read that the word “Kafkaesque” is over-deployed but I make no excuse for using it for this piece.

Recently someone wrote to the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) to ask what process they could follow after realising they had made a catastrophic mistake and wished to re-identify with their actual sex. They had come to the realisation that Gender Identity Ideology was hokum. Because they had already obtained a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) they needed to ascertain what the process was for amending their documentation to reflect their biological reality. In this piece will cover the response from the GRP and add it to my series on Gender Recognition Certificates.

My series on Gender Recognition Certificates covered an interview with a member of the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP)who talked about how “enabling” the panel is; rather an unfortunate choice of word now we know they enable male rapists to be recognised as “women”. I also covered a man who was turned down, three times, for a Gender Recognition Certificate, by the GRP , but was able to get the refusal overturned by a single judge. The thrice refused man also married three times, fathered seven children and served prison time for obtaining explosives with the intent to endanger life (. I don’t know about you but this bio absolutely screams LAYDEE! ) Another in the series covers a man who was, I believe, the first man to get a Gender Recognition Certificate from within prison. He was serving a sentence for manslaughter but was released, to a female bail hostel, only to be recalled to prison, five days later, for a brutal attempt to rape a woman. I also include Owen Jones and Ruth Hunt,laughing about women who opposed the reform of the Gender Recognition Act, calling the right to self-identify, as women, with even less gatekeeping, a mere “administrative change”.

You can read that series here:

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The response came from the office of the Gender Recognition Panel.

Paula Gray is the Judge who has spoken publicly about the process who I covered in my series.

The letter sets out the limitation to the powers of the Gender Recognition Panel. The correspondent expresses no view about the legislation but any right thinking person should be kept awake at night knowing what kind of man they unleashed in women’s spaces.

The letter is a follow up to earlier correspondence where it is made clear that the enquirer can not amend their documents on the basis of a mistaken diagnosis of “Gender Dysphoria”. Instead a full application must be made to the GRP which must abide by the requirements of the Gender Recognition Act. Basically a detransitioner must demonstrate they have lived in their birth sex for a further two years and obtain a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria, again.

Because there is no process for “reversion” the only way forward is to claim, not that you are your biological sex but that you now have a “gender identity” at odds with the official certification the government provided. The language is, of course, all about “gender” though it is impossible to change your biological sex and it is our sex which recorded because we are not born with a “birth gender”.

The next paragraph is interesting as the panel make it clear there are no penalties for anyone who fills out a Statutory declaration saying they intend to live “in that gender until death”. Of course this is good news for detransitioners but it rather exposes the lie, which I have seen countless times, that a statutory declaration is a weighty enough document to discourage predatory men from taking advantage of the process. The GRP do not test for “proof of intention”.

The detransitioner wishes to acknowledge their biological sex because they no longer believe in “gender ideology”. This is not sufficient because the GRP is built on this ideology. Instead the person, who is likely to have been harmed by any medical interventions, has to seek help from the very people who make a living from “gender identity medicine”. These people very likely have a conflict of interest and are incentivised to discourage public records of “regret”. Moreover this disregards any legacy trauma the detransitioner my have. Instead they must collude with a ludicrous pantomime wherein they show that they are now suffering from “gender dysphoria” about their actual sex! 🤷‍♀️

A few MPs attempted to raise the issue of people who come to regret their “gender” change and the general response was to dismiss the consequences and minimise the number of such cases. David Lammy was asked about this during the passage of the bill. As of today there are 47,000 members of the detrans reddit forum and I am followed by new detransitioners almost daily. In addition my next piece on an NHS “trans” policy outlines the process for dealing with NHS numbers for detransitioners. Seems it is no longer such a rare phenomenon.

Here the pretence is that our birth certificates record our “legal gender” when in fact they record our biological sex. Only the loony extremists claim a baby is born without a sex.

You can watch Dawn Butler, Labour MP, saying babies are born without a sex, Trans Women are Women etc in this clip.

Dawn Butler

To be clear the process will make sure there is no record of why the person detransitioned. No audit trail for people to declare they have realised they were simply gay, or autistic or were a victim of child sexual abuse. Or that they realise the trauma of being in the care system and from a fractured family left them vulnerable to this ideology. All these groups are over-represented at Gender Clinics.

This process will therefore take at least two years before you get to the waiting lists which have increased significantly since the fee (formerly £140) has been reduced to £5. Hence the #FemaleForAFiver hashtag.

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