Leicestershire Trans Policy 2.

I covered the first iteration of this policy in the blog posted below. This new version is from September 2022.

Leicestershire NHS Trans Policy.

Here is the new policy.

Transgender-and-Non-Binary-Service-User-Policy 2022

The first thing I noticed is that the Trust claims this is the first version of a new policy which, we know, is a lie. They also make no reference to the Trans-Identified male who advised on the first policy. It was not possible to ascertain if “Rebecca Shaw” remains on the Equality and Diversity group who were involved in the policy.

They repeat the misrepresentation of the Equality Act 2010, also present in version 1, to add “gender” to “sex” and pretend it’s a legally protected characteristic. Presumably this is to justify their single sex accommodation policy which is a LIE because they count “men” as the female sex. Just to be clear, they are not even talking about post-operative “transsexuals”, they include part-time cross-dressers and any person professing a denial about their biological sex.

They claim to have done an Equality Impact Assessment but the appendix 5, to which they refer, is missing; though they do include a couple of paragraphs that purport to be assessing the impact. (I will include this at the end and leave you to make your own judgement.)


The glossary teaches new speak to their staff who are expected to force this indoctrination on their patients. The NHS think performing “femininity” makes a woman. The blatant sexism underpinning this definition of “gender” is absolutely staggering.👇 At least the definition of sex is straightforward.

Naturally they impose the offensive term “cisgender” but get a load of the word salad under non-binary; bi-gender, pangender, neutrois, gender fluid etc.

I won’t detail all of the glossary suffice it to say they accept that women are defined by an internal self-perception and they implicitly accept women can have penises. This has major implications for the LIE that they are providing single sex accommodation.

Who are the people signing off on these policies and why have the Conservative, government allowed this madness to infect the entirety of the NHS?

Clearly this trust think that women demanding single sex accommodation are “transphobes” and promote the primacy of “gender identity” over sex with which women must be forced to comply or face chants of “transphobia”.

The pronouns 👇 are simply ridiculous. I believe they are now called “shownouns” which perfectly sums up the narcissistic nature of the gender ruminants.

The new policy reminds staff IN CAPITALS to hide details of a patients sex on pain of a criminal prosecution. It reminds its staff to “go above and beyond” for this demographic and lists all the policies you could be breaching if you refuse. (There are no such warnings in the policy they laughably call “Single sex Accommodation”. ) Staff are instructed to accommodate the “trans” service users in the bay which “matches their “gender” and “non-binary” are to be given a choice. Staff are warned not to reveal the sex of their patients to the other people in the bay. They also mandate that a persons “trans” status should not be recorded on medical notes or shared with other clinicians. There’s also whole section on making sure the dignity and privacy of the “trans” patient is cared for, at all times. Shockingly they include this statement 👇 about patients who need care based on their biological sex. I think this is shockingly negligent because we have all seen people who are utterly delusional about their biological sex because it is a feature of this mental health condition.

This section, below, is a blatant lie about the law. There is no legal “protection” for the category of “non-binary”. Once again staff are enjoined to go “above and beyond” for people who are in denial about their biology. Why would the NHS collude with biological denialism when sex matters in health care?

Another warning that “transphobia” will not be tolerated. These recur throughout the document. I saw no such, insistent, warnings about misogyny in the single sex accommodation policy. Notice also that, because the NHS thinks a fully intact male can be a “woman” , it is likely that accurately sexing a man would be deemed “transphobia”. This is why the policy has to be littered with veiled, and explicit, threats of consequences for recognising the reality of biological sex. Women must be compelled to accept this reality denying, woman hating ideology even though our safety requires recognising inherent risk, when in proximity to biological men; even where you are not already vulnerable and sick.

After a few more instructions to adhere to pronouns for all patients, even children, staff are now required to change how they refer to patients based on their fluctuating “gender”. Once again I am flabbergasted that this has been passed by senior personnel.

Th Trust than go to elaborate lengths to make sure that they don’t out patients to their family by checking if they need to use different pronouns in front of their family or in any written correspondence. What a waste of time! This is followed by another reminder to ignore the single sex accommodation policy and any decision to allow females privacy and dignity should be a last resort. A decision to provide single sex accommodation is “very unlikely to be justified” has to be made at a very senior level and defer to the EDI people.

The documentar makes it explicit that neither single sex toilets or showers are off limits to any male, irrespective of bodily modification. To be clear there are post operative men in the public sphere who are heterosexual men with a prurient fascination with women’s bodies. They are not a safer demographic within the male sex class but demonstrate higher rates of sex offending than their fellow men. I will say it again, we are not just letting any men in our spaces we are selecting then from a group that includes transvestic fetishists and autogynephiles.

Rape in hospitals.

An enterprising woman produced this illustrative graphic based on the census and Ministry of Justice information. I will just add a small caveat. We now know that men are having their sex offences counted in the statistics for women so they also corrupt the data on women.

I will skip over the bits reminding staff to be careful of the wigs and binders or other ways the patient needs to be indulged. They even have a specific instruction to be mindful of their bodily privacy but not the vulnerable female patient who does not know there is a man in the next bed. Or worse, she can see it’s a man and the staff are legally mandated to lie, to her face! Just like they did to this rape victim. They lied to her for a year until she got CCTV footage proved they had a man on the single sex ward; a man who claimed to be a woman.

Now that we know how many rapes happen on NHS premises it is unconscionable that they are adding risk by these policies. 1318 rapes, that we know about, in hospitals!

Feminazis and Hate Crimes.

This policy then goes on to compare people raising concerns to racists!

The policy warns there may be a risk of harassment and details the measures to be put in place to protect the “trans and non-binary” patients. Not a dicky bird about the risk to females!

The policy gets even more draconian! Staff are to be disciplined if they don’t demonstrate atonement for their sins. This may include being charged with gross misconduct and dismissal. (I would also suggest that this now breaches the law given that gender critical beliefs are now legally protected.)

If this doesn’t scare staff the Trust can involve the police.

These are the organisations who were sent the policy for comment. 👇. No women’s organisations were consulted.

Equality Impact Assessment

There is reference to an EIA in Annex 5 which is missing. These clips appear at the end. It is anti paged that the policy will have a “positive impact on “Trans” service users. They have a completely blank section on the other groups impacted by this policy. They are worried about being sued by these users but not, presumably, women.

And who do they recommend for advice? A list of the usual suspects.

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