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Leigh Finke is yet another trans-identified male, bio says She/Her who has been elected to State Legislature, this time in Minnesota. He was supported by the LGBTQ Victory Fund. who are, in turn, funded by Arcus Foundation.

He was bankrolled by the LGBTQ Victory fund who are,in turn, funded by Arcus Foundation. Here are the grants they have received from Arcus. There aim is to get people under the LGBTQ umbrella into elected /appointed office. The first piece in this series covered Zoey Zephr followed by Rachel Levine,who are also trans-identified males funded by the same outfit.

You can access the rest of the series here:


Leigh Finke.

According to sources he began identifying as She/Her in 2017 and was formerly employed by the A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberty Union) who are mainly forcussed on strategic legislation and campaigning on trans issues; having also partaken of Arcus Foundation Funding.

Binke was elected to Minnesota State Legislature in November 2022 and was recently instrumental in passing an executive order to make Minnesota a sanctuary state for children /teens whose own States are increasing regulation of “trans” healthcare. In a familiar tactic this treatment is promoted as an alternative to “coffin or closet”.

He was also proposed a bill which, while it did repeal some provisions that were discriminatory to homosexuals, but also passed “Gender Identity” provisions. Finke was very proud of this bill (HF1665) but got some backlash for the removal of provisions making it clear that sexual orientation did not cover relationships between adults and children. Text in yellow is the deleted text. Finke has repudiated any negative interpretations and claims this is because sexual offending against children is covered under the criminal statutes

You can see the amendments in the document below.

FInKe Minnesota Bill

It may indeed be wrong to leap to the most damning conclusions but the LGBTQ+ movement would do well to recognise that they are coming under increasing scrutiny and suspicion from those of us aware of the historic infiltration into gay rights politics of organisations like N.A.M.B.L.A. (North American Man Boy Love Association) and P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange). You can still find a website for N.A.M.B.L.A though PIE was disbanded in 1984. Here is an article showing how these determined predators were able to gain respectability from Human Rights Organisations. It may be naïveté rather than nefarious intentions but, these neophyte legislator should learn some lessons from this, if we are watching men with these predilections will be watching too. Whether intentional, or not, you are sending a clear signal that child safeguarding will be weakened on your watch.

Article on P.IE., in the U.K., below. 👇


Finke is also the editor of a book for queer teens in which he says children as young as 11 can experience sexual attraction and he advises cutting off contact with any adults in your life who don’t affirm your identity. Again, cutting off parents from their family is both a tactic of cults and a safeguarding risk. Parents, with sad exceptions, tend to be most primed to protect their child’s welfare.

It’s a book written for Christian Youth and he uses biblical verses to claim Jesus loved “queer” people by referencing passages which talk about eunuchs.

He also has a YouTube channel which shows he is a fully paid up member of the queer theory brigade.

Gender Traitors

I can’t find out much biographical detail about Finke and what he did before 2017. I will do a companion piece to this covering the public debate about the passing of another bill, (HF0146)on providing “gender affirming” (or “sex denialism”) medicalisation of children and young people. It’s well worth a stand alone piece to cover all the interested parties who helped to get this strategic legislation passed.

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