Leigh Finke: Legislator (Part 2)

Companion piece to another on the trans identified male, Leigh Finke, you can read part one here 👇. Part one covers who funds him and what limited, biographical, information is in the public domain.

Leigh Finke: LGBTQ Victory Fund

Leigh Finke who is now a legislator in Minnesota. Elected in November 2022 he was instrumental in passing bill HF1655 which added “Gender Identity” to the list of protected characteristics and bill HF0146 which makes Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for any child/youth now unable to get on a medical pathway to facilitate what ideologues call “transition”. Rather than cover the bills, in detail, in the first part, I decided to do a stand alone blog for anyone who wants to scrutinise the legislation.

HF1655 amends existing legislation to add the notion of “gender identity”. It also removed some discriminate measures against homosexuals. Probably the most talked about is this clause because it removed the section making it clear paedophilia is not regarded as a sexual orientation. Part one covers why this is a dangerous development even if, as Leigh Finke argues, the sexual exploitation of children is covered by criminal statutes,

As usual the definition, if you can call it that, of “gender identity” is absurd, counterfactual, circular and illogical. It allows people to claim to be men or women, both or neither, irrespective of ther sexed bodies with no requirement for surgical modification. Male and Female are unmoored from their physical embodiment and the law prohibits discrimination on the basis of “gender identity”, even though it is an internal feeling not visible to the naked eye. What this means, in practice, is the ability of men to access female only spaces even those where women are undressing or otherwise vulnerable. It is also enshrining the notion of a “woman” with a penis in law.

We are in the same territory as Caligula, who appointed a horse as senator!

The bill also contains a clause about setting up a programme of education to promote anti-discrimination, for which read re-education to make sure workers don’t rebel against this crazy legislation. Moreover they have a clause about accepting private finance to support the work of the responsible department. It would be worth keeping an eye on any cash coming into this department because it seems they are anticipating an influx of cash. Could they already have made a backroom deal? (I usually check Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundation online databases. Arcus grants are up to 2022 but OS only till 2021. It will be interesting to see if they stop publicising this data now they are aware of a higher level of scrutiny. One to keep an eye on).

The other bill covers the Minnesota State response to other jurisdictions who are restricting or banning the medically “transitioning” children and young people. Those states may have legal powers to remove a child whose parents are undertaking these medical interventions on their children. Because of the complications around which state is responsible for the child, perhaps because one parent resides in Minnesota, they have enacted legislation to say they will not comply with an order made on this basis.

The bill sets out the usual restrictions on interfering with decisions where a child comes under the aegis of another state. These are not to be adhered to in the case of a child who would be restricted from these medical interventions in their home state. A child who is getting treatment in Minnesota, of this particular type, would be treated as a child of the state.

Legislation was passed to allow emergency custody arrangements to “protect” a child from abusive siblings or parents and my reading of this is the “abuse” may be defined as such simply because “gender affirming” care is withheld.

The document details what is covered by the phrase “gender affirming care”. It includes puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and, while they are coy about the details, mastectomy, castration and penile inversion. Imagine having your child removed, by the state, you remove your teenage daughter’s breasts or to castrate your son? (This is already happening in Australia, Canada and some states in the United States. In the U.K there are already parents referred to social services because they don’t “affirm” their child as the opposite sex.I know one of those parents).

The other key part of the bill varies the legal rights of other states to extradite someone who has committed a felony in another state. Since some states are enacting laws to criminalise the sterilisation of children and the removal of healthy body parts Minnesota has stated it will not comply with extradition for these crimes.

I hope this wakes people up. When people claim children have agency and “bodily autonomy” we should be aware that it is not just paedophiles that want to argue children can consent to sexual activity; the medico-industrial complex want to mine our children’s bodies for profit and they are prepared to bulldoze parents out of the way. There has been a huge propaganda operation to get to this point but now they are emboldened enough for a full frontal attack on parental rights. We are inculcating “gender dysphoria” via the education system and lobby groups are buying off politicians. Why else would Ferring Pharmaceuticals, maker of puberty blockers, have given the Liberal Democrats (U.K) £1.4 million? That’s a lot of money in U.K politics and this is dwarfed by the money from the Pritzker family going to, mainly Democrats, in the United States.

For the curious. Here are the two bills.

HF1655.1 HF0146.1

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  1. Even Caligula didn’t think that appointing a horse as Senator made the horse a human! Caligula was assassinated before he could complete the appointment.

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