Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale 2

This is my second piece on Tweedale; a civil servant who proposed a motion, as part of his union work, to demonise women, defending our sex based rights, as akin to fascist. He also makes the testerical claim we are planning to enact a genocidal plan for “trans” people. See below:

This is him.

In part one I covered an interview that this man did with West Yorkshire’s Deputy mayor, Alison Lowe. Lowe has form on promoting trans-identified males and attacking LGB Alliance. I decided to make it a series because he did another interview and makes some claims about being promoted by a Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service. For those who are not aware a Permanent Secretary is the senior civil servant, who supports the Minister, in a government department, the Minister is an elected official, the civil servant is not elected and many of them appear to have forgotten this. He was also involved in a Bradford Charity so I want to look at them, that will need to be in another piece. Link to part one below.

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

Interview with Jade Beckles.

Jade Beckles is herself involved in the Diversity and Inclusion Industry but has a background in the police. Her linkedin shows a sixteen year career in the police about which she has this to say. 👇. I find it interesting that she claims child protection as one of her responsibilities but there also appears to have been a heavy emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion. Don’t misunderstand me, we need more black women in policing and to tackle racism, I am just not convinced that this batch of race equality specialists have got the right approach.

She also set up a group for black women embarking on motherhood. That sounds like an excellent initiative giving the appalling mortality rate for black women. Following a year or so running her own consultancy she now has salaried role and it is in this capacity she is interviewing Saorsa/Simon

The introduction covers all of Saorsa’s roles as the national advisor on trans issues for the Dept of Work and pensions (DWP) and he sits on the national LGBT+ group for the TUC. He goes on to explain what these roles mean, in practice.

He proceeds to talk about his work with schools etc.

On his “rapid rise” at the DWP it’s not clear if he is referring to career based promotion or appointments as the co-chair of the local and then national Gender Network. The gender network appears to be the network intended for women because he then proceeds to complain there was no “trans” network and the LGB network excluded him because it was run by someone who wanted it to focus on sexual orientation. He and another trans-identified male set up the first “trans” network. When the organisation decided to dissolve these networks and, instead, set up a body to advise on equality issues across the board, Tweedale became a member, automatically, having been displaced from his role as chair for the gender network.

He remained on the advisory committee for four years and claims that the Permanent Secretary became aware of all Tweedale’s work he directly intervened, with his line manager, to insist that Tweedale was able to continue.

Having looked at the list of Permanent Secretaries who may be responsible It may be Sir Robert Devereaux. This is from the Financial Times, it’s behind a paywall but this preview seems a fit. 👇(He retired in 2018 after 10 years in the role).

Tweedale was allowed to write his own job description, according to him, and set his key objectives. I find his involvement in policies, which affect women, deeply sinister. He is clearly unable to hide his glee.

At this point I would bear in mind the concept of “Dupers Delight” which is the pleasure experienced when you have managed to deceive/manipulate a person or organisation.

In the next section, Tweedale is asked what are the challenges faced by the “Transgender” community and he talks of hostile forces outside the DWP. Alarmingly he then claims that he has had a role in advising senior leaders on the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act in particular in relation to “safe” spaces, by which he means, but won’t say, single sex spaces. In a revealing moment he claims “my job is not to proselytise”.

He then says senior leaders don’t know what to do when they are asked questions like this; “What is your policy on single sex spaces?” . He suggests they panic and turn to him. In response Tweedale explains he has to correct “misinterpretations” of the law! Guess which group he prioritises?

Beckles response displays a breathtaking misunderstanding of the law.

This what the company which employs Beckles says about itself.

Tweedale explains he has to emotionally detach himself to give professional advice; which must be correct. He than says the law sets the minimum but people should always strive to follow best practice. This sounds like to “go beyond the law” advice which I covered in a another piece on Global Butterflies; another organisation led by a trans-identified male, which you can read here:

Get ahead of the Law!

He says people in leadership positions need to bridge the gap between policy and practice, they should also capture data on trans and non-binary identies and also ensure there is visibility for these staff. Then he follows up with advice on ways for applicants to hide their sex. Surprisingly he concedes that organisations should provide single sex facilities because “there will always be people who say they need them for religious or cultural reasons”. However he thinks gender neutral, a.k.a mixed sex, facilities are best practice. He also claims “this is not even controversial.. it’s just common sense”. Proving, once again, that this is a man talking.

Then he says pronoun display is important and also that you should not make a fuss if you get a new “trans” employee. How this ties in with the calls for visibility I don’t know.

I took a far different interpretation from this statement than, I am sure, was intended.

The interview ends with a touch of sycophancy and a statement about how Tweedale is having such an impact. Beckles clearly thinks this is a good thing. She needs to learn about autogynephilia. After I did the last piece I realised this was the same man I have seen in Bradford Train station, wearing ludicrously short skirts and fishnet stocking. . Apparently he is known locally as “Geriatric, Gothic, Lolita”

You can watch the whole thing here 👇

Interview by Jade Beckles

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