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This is the third in my series on this man. For this blog I am going to concentrate on his work with a Bradford based charity. The charity/company in question is BRADFORD LGBTQ+ STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP LTD.(Company number 05545105). Tweedale was involved for three years so I had a look at the accounts only during the period he was active.

At that point in time they were coming to the end of a National Lottery Grant but they managed to secure some funding through the Tudor Trust; who have cropped up a few times on my block as a group who funds LGBTQ+ issues.

Here they talk about their links to Braford University; we heard in part 2 that Tweedale gave a talk at Bradford University about why the T should be attached to the LGB.

One of the trustees whose tenure overlapped. with Tweedales was a Professor from Bradford University, Ian Burkitt.

He is now an Emeritus Professor and this is what he says about his work. Researching “social contexts in which we become particular social beings”, latterly “broadened to include forms of human embodiment”.

The charity /company also received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust who have also appeared on my blog a few times. Notice the forced-teaming with Black and Ethnic Minority groups and a reference to the DWP National Diversity group of which Tweedale is a member. Apparently he was piloting work on a “Trans” Equality Pledge which has signed up Braford and Leeds Health Trusts.

More partnership working with NHS Trusts, plus Age Concern, Age U.K. Alzheimer’s society and of course Bradford Metroplotan District Council.

Here we have grants from Bradford Council and our old friends the Arts Council, who you may remember stripped a grant from LGB Alliance.

More funding details. Joseph Rowntree grant was £30,000, the Dept for Public Health nearly provided nearly £50 grand and nearly £10 grand for Wakefield Primary Care Trust.

The one amount identified for a Women’s Group, donated by the Lesbian Identity Project, was a staggering £117. Yes just over a hundred pounds, to to help with room booking costs.

I had a look at the Lesbian Identity Project. This is there blurb. So not just Lesbians then.

Sure enough a trans-identified male features prominently.

Another pot of money came from the Police and Crime Commissioner and they also had input to the NHS Equality and Diversity Strategy.

The money from West Yorkshire police force pushed hate crime reporting. Remember there is no hate crime category that covers women.

You can see the rest of the series here: 👇

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale

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