Oxfam 3 : Terf Wars

I did not think I would be back here but it seems Oxfam have learnt nothing. To celebrate Pride they decided to commission a video. It didn’t take long for people to draw the obvious conclusion. This was yet another attack on women using the mysogynist slur “terf”. It was, of course, meant to depict Rowling, in the most unflattering light and to strip her of any appearance of being female. It was the definition of hateful.

Such was the outcry they were forced to edit the video and issue a public statement. There was every intention to depict J.K Rowling and to attack women who are standing up for sex based rights. In the U.K the right to hold “Gender critical” beliefs is protected, in law as a “philosophical belief”. This is where we are in 2023, it is a FACT that it is impossible to change your sex but, because of our naive political class, this truth is becoming unsayable. Below Oxfam make it clear that, irrespective of your sexual characteristics your “gender identity” is valid. This is signalling adherence to the #LadyPenis belief system.

They also sent an internal email claiming that overall feedback was positive 😳 but there had been some backlash and apologising that the coverage may upset some “trans” colleagues but nothing for staff who may be gender critical and labelled “Terfs”.

This is the filmmaking company responsible. They appear to be based in Bangalore and claim to be “woman led”. They have now protected their tweets.

The edited video is now up and it is hardly better. The new version promotes double mastectomies and pushes the idea of a “chosen family”.

It contains the usual transperbole and this signals a willingness to sacrifice women’s sport.


So why are Oxfam (U.K) proselytising gender identity ideology? One clue is in their “Head of Influence” .

Turns out Sam Dick spent 5 years at Stonewall. 2015 is the year Stonewall took $100,000 from Arcus Foundation to add the T to LGB.

Turns out he was also seconded to the Government Equality Office during his time at Stonewall.

Govt Equality Office

Guess who was Head of Strategy at the Govt Equality Office during this period? A trans-identified male known as Alison Pritchard. I wrote about Pritchard some time ago.

Alison Pritchard: TRA behind the scenes? Part one: GEO


Alison Pritchard: TRA behind the scenes? Part one: GEO

Pritchard is now the Deputy Head of the Office for National Statistics who botched the (once every 10 years) opportunity to garner accurate census data, despite losing a legal challenge to their idea that you can self-identity your sex. So confusing was the census that we have ended up with an implausibly high number of “trans” people in areas with a high density of people with English as a second language.

You can see the edited video here;

Oxfams Shame

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