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This is on the bonkers NHS guidance that will, no doubt, be deleted at some point, Here is a copy for posterity.


Before I delve into the content I want to revisit Matthew Taylor, the head of the NHS Confederation. He decided to listen to an extremist, “trans” lobby group; LGBT Foundation; in the news, recently, for attacking the only charity exclusively for Lesbians /Gays/Bisexuals. LGBT Foundation joined with the charity Mermaids to try to strip LGB Alliance of its charity status. We have not yet had the outcome of that case but, in the intervening time, Mermaids has been put under investigation, by the Charities Commission,

It turns out I have written about Matthew Taylor before; when he appeared on the Moral Maze, when he was CEO of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA). He was a supercilious, arrogant man on that show and, I said at the time, it was a worry that he had moved on to the NHS. I decided to revisit his contribution on the Moral Maze before writing about the guidance.

In the introduction Michael Buerk lays out the issues pretty well. The making of female changing rooms, even “open” ones, mixed sex; the introduction of “trans” issues to children via schools; the sky rocketing referrals to “gender” clinics and concern about medicalisation of children. He also lays out the implications for rape crisis, domestic abuse refuges and single sex wards. This was when self-identified “gender” was still on the cards, After this introduction what does Mr Taylor have to say? Right out of the starting gate he shows no empathy for women.

He listened, in silence to Jane Fae /John Ozimek who told bare faced lies about puberty blockers. Ozimek is a defender of extreme porn. He also had no questions for James Caspian who raised medical ethics and detransitioners. Furthermore he remained silent during Stephen Whittle’s testimony. After sitting in silence while Stephen Whittle claimed she did not want to reorganise society to accommodate her, he decided to lob this question at the next speaker, Heather Brunskell-Evans. This comment had far more relevance to the demands of Fae and Whittle, who are demanding the world be reorganised so they can live a lie.

He continues with this, illustrating his lack of grasp on feminist thought and alignment with “trans” ideologues. Women want to liberate women from sexist stereotypes but Matthew thinks they are innate. Proponents of “gender identity ideology” think if you don’t align with the stereotypes, for your sex, you can carve them into, and out of, your flesh.

Heather comments that these “choices” are in the context of social norms. Matthew thinks that women are still choosing to be “feminine” demonstrating that he believes in these regressive, sexist stereotypes. He also thinks boys /girls, at odds with the expectations for their sex, should be able to modify their body to conform.

This was his final position. I wonder if this is how he landed the job as head of the NHS Confederation?

He clearly attached more weight to the testimony of Fae, who was disingenuous, in the extreme, about puberty blockers and Whittle who denied that she is trying to force the world to be reorganised to enable her disassociation. from her sex.

You can listen to this interview here:

Moral Maze

I would be very interested to know how this sociology graduate, with a Masters in Industrial relations, came to be regarded as a suitable candidate for this role.

Another senior employee has pronouns in his bio.

Most shocking of all they have an ex Mermaids employee.

Next up I will have a deep dive into the guidance which, in my view, should result in senior people losing their posts.

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