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Since Riley has resurfaced, attacking Sharon Davies, for defending single sex sports, I though it would be timely to capture some of Riley’s claims to fame. Here she is allying herself with Labour MP, Kate Osborne.

Kate Osborne, a Lesbian, represents the constituency of Jarrow and this is the level of capture of the vichy lesbians. This is response to a campaign to canvas MPs views on “what is a woman” in the run up to the election. Here is Kate’s preemptive response.

Riley is a Lesbian, a former director of Diva Magazine, an erstwhile Lesbian publication. She has been involved with many of the LGBTQIA+ charities (such as Stonewall and GLAAD). She is also trustee of the Peter Tatchell Foundation and Diversity Role Models.

She also played an ignominious role in getting planning permission for a woman’s history museum; only to actually set up a museum to the serial killer, known as Jack the Ripper.

GLAAD (Formerly a Gay Rights group now a trans Lobby group) along with Antony Watson has donated to MPs like Dawn Butler and Angela Eagle. I have done posts on all three of these politicians.

Angela Eagle MP

Labour Party & Anthony Watson

Watson , Riley and GLAAD have all bankrolled U.K. Labour Politicians either in their own name or via Riley’s company Global Diversity Awards Ltd; another company which collapsed owing taxes. Eagle rewarded Riley with an advisory role


Riley was also involved in a venture to set up Sherlock Homes museum, with family members, which resulted in a family feud and multiple court cases about money, and disputes over property and finally battles over who got to take care of their mother. You can find all these court cases on They are a very litigious family.

There are multiple companies associated with the family. Rollerteam Ltd set up the Sherlock Holme museum and at various points different family members served as directors.

Riley became a director when her half brother served time in jail for mortgage fraud.

Given that Riley describes herself as working class there are quite a few disputes about the ownership of multiple properties and at one point Riley claims her mother was worth £20 million, a sum she claims her half brother embezzled.

The various companies for whom Linda Riley served as director, and subsequent collapse with tax debts, was the subject of an investigation by Private Eye.

One of the judges had this to say about the multiple legal cases and the feuding family members. “Whenever one side enjoys any success, the other takes steps to blunt the advantage”

On the dispute over their elderly mother: “They have no insight into her longing for peace”.

Trans Lesbians”.

Linda is on record about the rights of men to identify as “Lesbian and decrying those who think differently. When the BBC published an article about men, who claim to be Lesbians, harassing women in purported Lesbian spaces she was dismissive despite many Lesbians contacting her to say it has happened to them.

You can articles, penned by Riley, criticising Lesbians for their attitude to men who larp as lesbians. Interestingly this was published by the Thomas Reuters Foundation who you may remember were one of the foundations supporting the production of the Denton’s Document. It hasn’t happened to Linda therefore it didn’t happen.

Riley denies the Cotton Ceiling

The best explanation I can think of for these collaborators was penned by Janice Raymond who speculated thus:

Whatever the reason they do great harm to the cause of Lesbians, women’s rights and gay rights.

Peter Tatchell

Just adding this new information. Linda Riley is a trustee of the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

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