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Interview with Zooey Zephr

Decided to have a digest the content on this podcast to see where more of the Trans Lobby Group money is going. This was after I was told that the founder,, Imara Jones, a trans-identified male, had been invited to the United Nations under the heading UN Women.

Turns out that Jones was given $200,000 by Open Society Foundations for his podcast.

The podcast focus is on what Jones calls “black trans women”. and details how this demographic are marginalised and oppressed. Jones would appear to be the exception having a quite high profile career and access to education at Columbia University and London School of Economics. He also attracted funding from fellowship programmmes and obtained a post at the White House under Bill Clinton. He then secured another post working for Bill Blasio, the mayor of New York.

Zooey Zephr

I have selected this episode which looks at the election of a trans-identified male, Zooey Zephr, to represent a district in Montana. This episode reveals the money ploughed into initiatives to get these men elected.

Zephr was supported by an initiative called Women To Win campaign. As you can guess it was not about women at all.

It transpires that Women to Win programme was funded by LGBTQ Victory Institute and was developed to promote LGBTQ women and encourage them to obtain public office. The organisation credit Ascend with funding the programme; who make it clear that their definition of “woman” is, let’s say elastic.

A quick check on the grants awarded by the Arcus Foundation revel that they have ploughed quite a bit of money into the LGBT Victory Institute to support the election of this demographic. This funding dates back to 2008.

Here is a selection of how those grants were described.

Zooey Zephr describes himself as a bisexual and appears to be in a relationship with another trans-identified male who is a content creator on “trans” issues.

This is how Erin describes their work.

He seems particularly proud of making sure gender confused folks can get access to synthetic hormones with no gatekeeping.

Zephr appears to have crowd funded for their castration and penis inversion.

Zephr’s legislative priorities are making sure men can compete in female sport and removing the defence of “trans or gay panic”. This is used as a defence /mitigation for people who commit violence against a sexual partner who obtained sex by deception by not disclosing their biological sex. I am not a fan of any violence but I do support criminalisation of obtaining sex by deception.

It also appears Zephr had a background in competitive sport; it’s not known whether he competed on female teams but it is clear he supports unfair sport for females.

I will probably visit this podcast again and do a series. For today I think this gives a flavour of what we are up against.

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