Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies 2

Dr Ann Lawrence: copy below. 👇


This is the third in my series on the work of Dr Ann Lawrence and the second blog which focuses on this book. Lawrence describes himself a ”transsexual” and admits to having autogynephilia. {For neophytes this is a paraphilia where a man is sexually aroused at the thought of himself as a woman. Often this is sanitised as ”love of oneself as a woman” brushing the sexual arousal part under the carpet.}. Part one below.

Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies

“Transsexual” accounts

Lawrence looked for any published accounts of men admitting to being driven by autogynephilia. He finds some accounts which have all the hallmarks of this paraphilia but an explicit admission, or even awareness of autogynephilia, was in short supply. Here is one from 1978. 👇Note the envy and the confusion of sexual desire, this is the erotic target location error that is autogynephilia. Note also the masculine language of ownership.

The role pornography plays is evident from many of these accounts. This, from 1995, is Kate Bornstein, who married, fathered a child and broke away from the Church of Scientology; only to join the Gender Cult.

Another is Claudette Griggs who treats the real lives of women as their own sexual fantasy.

Deidre McCloskey is another late transitioner who followed the well worn path from transvestic fetishism to ”transsexual”. McCloskey is another one who has turned a masturbation aid into an ”identity”.

Erica Zander claims a Lesbian identity despite not meeting the most basic of entry requirements. This is reminiscent of Hunt’s account with the language of ”ownership” : “Have her and be her”. Note also the appearance of ”envy”.

Here the author claims the erotic arousal is an unwelcome side effect of their cross dressing. Another one who married and fathered a child.

The evidence of the sexual motivations for these ”transsexuals” dates back decades. Remember these accounts when someone tries to manipulate you with claims of ”true transsexual” or who hides their autogynephilia. Or, even worse, is open about their AGP and claims we need to normalise it.

Lawrence did not find enough accounts of autogynephilia in the public domain so decided to add to the literature by seeking anonymous accounts. Men with AGP tend to be unreliable narrators and Lawrence covers the motivations for lying at some length. I will cover the nefarious motives for this obfuscation in my next piece. Then I will cover the accounts given to Lawrence. Are men more honest when talking to fellow autogynephiles? What could be worse than the above accounts? Are there even darker accounts of this paraphilia? (The answer is a resounding YES, in case you were wondering)

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