Spreading Gender Ideology in Africa 3

In part 2 we looked at how Trans activists are working with the media, police forces, politicians and the legal profession to advance their case across the African continent. The first conference I covered was funded, directly, by the International Trans Fund using funds provided by the Arcus Foundation. The 2017 conference was funded by an alliance of pro-prostitution lobby groups and LGBTI+ groups.

Intersex (Disorders of Sexual Development)

This section of the conference is labelled ”intersex” which is a term that has fallen out of favour with people who actually suffer from these medical conditions. They tend to prefer disorder, or differences, in sexual development (DSDs). Trans-activists exploit these medical condition to claim they prove that sex is a spectrum and finally that men can be women. It is common for people to lie and claim to have one of these conditions so I approach these claims with a healthy degree of skepticism.

In this part of the conference there is what seem to be a genuine section explaining that some people don’t accept the very tiny number of babies who have a visible DSD at birth. This seems plausible, however, telling a child they can ”choose their sex” is a lie. Each one of these disorders is sex specific.

Less plausible is the person who claims to be intersex, thought to be a boy but commenced menstruating and developing breasts as a teenager.

Legislation to protect people with DSDs is laudable and some of the medical practices can harm babies born with these medical conditions, however, some of these conditions are life threatening and do need early medical intervention. Many genuine people with DSDs feel they are being harmed when their conditions are hijacked by trans activists who reduce their medical status to an ”identity”.

Sex and Pleasure

There is only a short report on this session. The participants were asked to write down their sexual fantasies.

We were then treated to some of the fantasies. These were the ones shared in the conference report. 😳

This is how the rapporteur ended this section.

Body Economics

This session focuses on prostitution which, of course, they call ”sex work”. This is not a surprise since the conference organiser is a pro-prostitution lobby group. Again that description of being ”sensitised” to the sex-worker movement”. He is being groomed.
They are right about the violence meted out to prostituted, trans-identifying males. One of the reasons I think promoting prostitution is deeply harmful.

They cover efforts to record violence against prostitutes which nobody objects to but they are also working to decriminalie the trade in, predominantly, women’s bodies. They are working with the police, media and even religious leaders. Just to be clear, I am in favour of decriminalising the women, and men, engaged in prostitution but not the buyers and certainly not the pimps. Organisations claiming to be led by ”sex workers” are , in my opinion, just a front for the Pimp lobby.

These are the principles the participants are required to sign up to:

Just to prove my suspicion are well founded they conform they are working with the pimp lobby, allegedly to keep prostitutes safe.

The promotion of prostitution is particularly egregious since this is the leading cause of the murder of trans-identifed males. As documented on the Trans Murder Monitoring Project. 62% were murdered whilst in prostitution, it is also not a colour blind crime if you look at the % of people of colour. 👇

I will do more on this document to cover the ”Donor Dating” session which was an opportunity for groups to learn about funding they could tap into. One of those present was someone from the European Parliament who was keen to point out the EU have over taken the U.S in aid to Africa. My worry is that the conditions attached to any funding could act as a perverse incentive to accept this toxic export from “Western” countries.

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Researching the spread of gender identity ideology. Focus on women’s sex based rights, and the negative impact on gay rights, especially the gay youth. Also keen to demonstrate this is neo-colonialism


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